Zomato will introduce 50,000 electric two wheelers to reduce cost and carbon emission

India’s top leading food delivery company Zomato is going to add 50,000 electric two wheelers in their service. For this addition, Zamato has joined hands with electric vehicles energy infrastructure and services provider SUN Mobility to this huge number of electric two wheelers over the two years. Mainly, SUN is working on a battery swapping solution for last mile deliveries. 

SUN mobility is known as a cost effective and convenient battery swapping solution company. Zomato will set up 150 charging stations across the country with four charging stations in Gurugram. Later it will extend to number 30 in the city of Haryana.

The SUM claims that after introducing 50,000 electric vehicles it will reduce 5000 MT carbon in every month to contribute to a cleaner environment. The Zomato CEO, Anant Badjatya said,”The main goal of Zomato is to reduce costs as well as to make a sustainable and environmentally-friendly ecosystem.”

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Zomato has committed ” The company wants to introduce 100 percent electric vehicles by 2030, which is a goal aligned with SUN Mobility’s mission to electrify last mile deliveries in India”. “Our team is working with SUN Mobility to make a easy and convenient battery swapping network across the country, further helping us keep our promise of a sustainable Zomato for customers, delivery partners, employees and planet”, said Zomato food deliveryy Mohit Satdana. 

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