New Generation Zero SR-X electric bike unveiled:See details

Electric scooter, also known as e-scooter which is a type of personal e-mobility two wheeler that is run by electricity. It has a small powerful motor and a lithium ion battery that gives enough power to run the Scooter forward.

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 Electric scooters in India are rapidly growing and popular in recent years as a use of transportation for short distance journeys. Most of the time we use electric scooters for commuting to work, personal journeys and more.  It is very useful in urban areas where traffic is congested and parking can be difficult to find.

 Another big advantage of electric scooters Gpis its conveyance and ease of use. E-Scooter is very light-weight and compact which makes it easy to maneuver through traffic and to store when not in use. On the other hand, electric scooters are also environment friendly, zero carbon emission, and sound less alternative to traditional ICE engine vehicles.

The drawback of any scooter is that it is relatively expensive compared to any fuel engine scooter. And it gives a limited distance on a single battery charge. For long distances it is not useful. Also the charging time gives a long time to wait.

 But electric scooters are very convenient and eco-friendly for the environment. For costing, comfort and safety, a scooter is best to buy.

California based two wheeler manufacturing company unveiled its new Zero SR-X futuristic electric bike by using cutting edge technology in this industry. This company is developing and making a highly effective electric motorcycle that offers high power and a long range. This concept bike is inspired by famous Sci-fi movies. It is equipped with lots more advanced technology. 

SR-X Design

Zero SR-X electric bike

Zero SR-X looks like a futuristic muscular shape sports bike. In front it has a gorgeous looking led headlight and two indicators too. On the back, the SR-X rear wheel looks naked and has a stylish circular shape tail light. Its futuristic design attracts people closer.

Zero SR-X:Specifications

Zero SR-X is equipped with smart and advanced technology. It is fitted with 110 horsepower and 190 Nm maximum torque that provides maximum speed and enough acceleration. 

SR-X is fitted with a 17.3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that provides a long range. But the company did not reveal any details about this bike. 

Zero SR-X electric bike Launch

The company has not announced any details about the Zero SR-X electric bike launched. It is expected it may launch at the end of  this year. This new futuristic SR-X electric bike could be rival of other electric bike in the world.

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