Indonesia Govt allocated $455 million to E2W subsidies by 2024

Indonesia Govt has allocated 7 trillion rupiah($455.88 million) for electric vehicles subsidies  2024,said official on Monday. It is expected that this subsidy will push EVs measly to adopt the people of Indonesia in the upcoming years as well as lots of domestic and international EV companies will  also attract. 

This announcement only for two wheelers. The government expects 8,00,000 electric two wheelers will come under this subsidy and 2,00,000 combustion engines will cover. 

This all amounts only for two wheelers but the official said further subsidy will be announced by the government on April 1 for four wheelers, said senior cabinet minister Luhut Pandjaitan. 

” We are very enthusiastic after launching this programme. This policy will help lots of EV buyers in future and make awareness to adopt EVs in our country. Lahut said at a news conference. 

According to the Association of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry,  media reports, 32,000 electric motorcycles were running on Indonesia’s as of October last year. 

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The government hope that more than 1 million electric will be on road in Indonesia. It will reduce depending on oil and save huge money for the country. Otherwise, Indonesia is a nickel rich country. To make lithium ion battery, we need huge amount of Nickel. The government wants to take advantage fron this reserve.

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