Hero Launched Optima CX 2.0, Optima CX 5.0, NYX under Rs 1.30 lakh

Hero Electric Launched its three new electric scooter which are Optima CX 2.0, Optima CX 5.0 and NYX in India between Rs 85k to 1.30 lakh with long range and smart features. 

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Hero add some extra battery pack and powerful motor that provides long range and good speed better than older version.

Hero electric scooter colour

The choice of electric scooter colour is entirely subjective and depends on personal preference. Many electric scooters manufacturing companies offer a variety of colours to choose from, including brighter and more unique colors. 

Hero new electric scooter Optima CX 2.0 is available in Dark Matt Blue and Matt Maroon Colour. The Optima 5.0 is available in Dark Matt Blue and Charcoal Black Colour. On the other hand, NYX is offered in Charcoal Black and pearl white colour options.

Hero Optima CX 2.0, Optima 5.0, NYX: Specifications

Hero new model electric scooter and old model electric scooter difference are its motor, battery, pack and range. 

Here Hero Optima CX 2.0 offers a 1.9 kW electric motor and fitted with a 2kWh powerful removable battery pack that provides maximum range 89 kms on a single charge and gives a 48 kmph top speed.

Hero Launched Optima CX 2.0, Optima CX 5.0, NYX

The next variant Optima CX 5.0 provides a long range. CX 5.0 is connected with a 1.9 kW electric motor that is powered by a Powerful 3 kWh battery pack, providing 113 km long range and 48 mph top speed. 

The premium variants NYX provides a 1.9 kWh electric motor that is powered by 4 kWh battery pack that gives a 160 km long range and 48 kmph top speed.  

All the three variants come with premium looks and advanced technology.  Its long and enough speed gives a complete solution for personal driving in cities and more. 

Hero Optima CX 2.0 vs Optima CX 5.0 vs NYX

SpecificationsOptima CX 2.0Optima CX 5.0NYX
Motor1.9 kW1.9 kW1.9 kW
Battery2 kWh3 kWh4 kWh
Range89 km113 km160 km
Top speed48 kmph48 kmph48 kmph
Charging Time….….….

Hero new model Features

The Hero all variants electric Scooter is equipped with its different features. There is no difference among the all three variants.  Here we take some common features of Hero new model electric scooter

  •  Led lights

Hero  provides circular shaped headlight and two led indicators. On the rear, it also has two tail lights. Led lights give  better visibility and safety.

  • Display

The new Hero electric scooter comes with a 4.3 TFT LCD instrumental display that shows scooter speed, battery life, and more information. 

  • Bluetooth connectivity

Yes, Hero scooter gives bluetooth connectivity which provides easy Scooter function remotely.

  • Anti theft features

Its  anti theft features provide a locking mechanism and alarm system.

  • Regenerative braking system

Regenerative braking system is an important feature that converts the kinetic energy produced by breaking into electrical energy to recharge the battery.

  • Cruise control

Cruise control features that maintain a constant speed without the need to hold the throttle. 

  • Swapping batteries

Its removable features that provide easy to charge at home or battery swapping features. 

Hero new electric scooter price prediction

Any electric scooter price depends on that electric scooter battery, features, speed and more.

New model Hero electric scooter Optima CX 2.0, Optima 5.0, NYX has a starting price  Rs 85,0000 . But As per expectations the city drives the Optima CX 2.0 and Optima CX 5.0 may be available at  Rs 85k to 95k price range . And the Premium variant NYX will be available at Rs 1.05 lakh to 1.30 lakh price. This price without government subsidy or even state subsidy. For different cities, this price will vary. 

Hero electric scooter booking and launch

Hero electric scooter is not available in India. You can pre-book the electric scooter through Hero official website.

Hero scooter pros & cons (by expert)


  • Very good range
  • Top speed is very good
  • Storage capacity is very good
  • Android best smart touch screen


  • Not available across india
  • Fast charging not available
  • Limited colour option


Hero new  electric scooter stylish looks and impressive performance justify its cost. Its disc brake with ABS technology gives a safe and comfortable ride. If you are looking for a long range with advanced features and a handsome looking electric scooter, then Hero scooter is one of them. But I want its range to be increased at this Price tag.

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