Bajaj Chetak Premium electric scooter launched at 1.52 lakh with 90+ km range

Electric scooter, also known as e-scooter which is a type of personal e-mobility two wheeler that is run by electricity. It has a small powerful motor and a lithium ion battery that gives enough power to run the Scooter forward.

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 Electric scooters in India are rapidly growing and popular in recent years as a use of transportation for short distance journeys. Most of the time we use electric scooters for commuting to work, personal journeys and more.  It is very useful in urban areas where traffic is congested and parking can be difficult to find.

 Another big advantage of electric scooters is its conveyance and ease of use. E-Scooter is very light-weight and compact which makes it easy to maneuver through traffic and to store when not in use. On the other hand, electric scooters are also environment friendly, zero carbon emission, and sound less alternative to traditional ICE engine vehicles.

The drawback of any scooter is that it is relatively expensive compared to any fuel engine scooter. And it gives a limited distance on a single battery charge. For long distances it is not useful. Also the charging time gives a long time to wait.

 But electric scooters are very convenient and eco-friendly for the environment. For costing, comfort and safety, a scooter is best to buy. 

Recently, Bajaj Auto launched its new Bajaj premium electric scooter at 1.52 lakh(ex-showroom, Bengaluru) with 90 kms range and more features for the 2023 model. 

This new Bajaj premium scooter is an updated version of Bajaj Chetak old electric scooter. 

Bajaj Chetak Premium scooter design

New Bajaj scooter gives a premium look and is made with a solid aluminium body. In front it has a big LCD instrumental digital display and both have a unique style rear mirror. Bajaj comes with a circular shaped led headlight in front and two indicators also. Its two toned seat and satin black grab rail creates a unique and handsome style.

Bajaj Chetak Premium electric scooter

Bajaj Premium electric scooter colour

The choice of electric scooter colour is entirely subjective and depends on personal preference. Many electric scooters manufacturing companies offer a variety of colours to choose from, including brighter and more unique colors. Bajaj Chetak premium electric scooter comes with 3 stunning colours Matte Caribbean Blue, Matte Coarse Grey and Satin Black.

 Choosing colours all the time reflects your individual style and personality.

Bajaj Chetak Premium scooter Specifications

Bajaj Chetak Premium electric scooter

Electric scooter specification depends on the brand which models you are buying. Here we discussed some specific Bajaj Chetak Premium specification

  • Motor:-

 Electric scooter is powered by its electric motor that generates torque. More powerful Motors provide high speed and better acceleration. The new Bajaj Chetak premium comes with a 4.2 kW electric motor that generates 20 Nm, enough power to climb the electric scooter on an incline road.

  • Battery:- 

The battery, one of the most critical components for an electric scooter that varies in capacity and range. A higher voltage battery pack offers more power and a long range on a single charge. Bajaj Chetak Premium electric scooter comes with a 3kWh battery pack that takes 4 hours to fully charge. With a fast charger it takes 2.75 hours to charge 0 to 80% charge.

  • Range:-

 The range of an electric scooter refers to the distance of which you can travel on a single charge.  The range always varies  on battery capacity and electric scooters weight and speed. Bajaj Chetak premium scooter offers a maximum 108 kms range in Eco mode on a single.

  • Speed:- 

The speed of an electric scooter depends on how powerful the electric motor is used in the electric scooter. The more powerful motor creates high speed. The new Bajaj premium electric scooter provides 63 km/h top speed. 

  • Weight:-

The weight of an electric scooter can affect the scooter carrying capacity and is easy to use. New Bajaj Chetak electric scooter Weight is 108 kg. 

  • Tyres:- 

The quality of tyres affect ride quality and handling of an electric scooter. The Bajaj premium electric scooter offers 12 inch tubeless tyres on both sides.

  • Brakes:- 

Electric scooter Bajaj Chetak premium comes with disc brakes on the both rear and front wheels that gives a safe journey.

  • Suspension:- 

Bajaj scooter provides telescopic suspension at the rear and monoshock suspension on the front.

Overall the electric scooter specifications are your personal choice, what kind of specification you like on an electric scooter near Bajaj Chetak specification gives an advanced technology.

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Bajaj Chetak premium scooter specifications details

Top Speed63 Kmph
Range108 km
BrakesChannel Hydraulic Brakes System (CBS) with Engine Cut off
Front -Disc (200mm)
Rear -Disc (200mm)
SuspensionFront- Telescopic
Rear- monoshock
Battery3 kWh
Head LampDRS LED Light
Brake/Tail LightLED Tail Lamp
Turn SignalLED Blinkers
Pass SignalYes
TransmissionDirector Drive System
TyresMRP Tubeless Tyre
Front-12 inch (90/90)
Rear-12 inch(90/90)
Tyre Pressure -…
ColourMatte Caribbean Blue, Matte Coarse Grey and Satin Black.
GPS & NavigationYes
Artificial SoundNo
Parking AssistYes (10 degree bend)
Hill AssistNo
Anti Theft SystemYes
Start/Stop ButtonYes
USB ChargingYes
Front Storage BoxYes
Under Seat Storage….
Low Battery IndicatorYes

Electric scooter Bajaj Chetak Premium Features

Electric Scooter is equipped with its different features that vary for a particular brand. Here we take some common features of Bajaj Chetak

  •  Led lights

Bajaj provides circular shaped headlight and two led indicators. On the rear, it also has two tail lights. Led lights give  better visibility and safety.

  • Display

Bajaj premium scooter comes with a big LCD instrumental display that show scooter speed, battery life, and more information. 

  • Bluetooth connectivity

Yes, Bajaj gives bluetooth connectivity which provides easy Scooter function remotely.

  • Anti theft features

Bajaj Chetak anti theft features such as a locking mechanism and alarm system.

  • Regenerative braking system

Regenerative braking system is an important feature that converts the kinetic energy produced by breaking into electrical energy to recharge the battery.

  • Cruise control

Cruise control features that maintain a constant speed without the need to hold the throttle. 

  • Swapping batteries

Bajaj provides non-removable features.

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Bajaj Premium electric scooter price

Any electric scooter price depends on that electric scooter battery, features, speed and more.

Bajaj Premium electric scooter offers Rs 1.52 lakh Price in Bengaluru, ex-showroom. In Delhi, it is available at Rs 1.52 lakh. Bajaj said the new Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is available in 60+ cities. After March 2023, Bajaj claims that it will be available in over 80+ cities.

Bajaj Chetak Premium scooter warranty

In terms of warranty, Bajaj provides 7 years including 70000 kms warranty on the electric electric and 3 years warranty including 50000 kms on battery.. 

Bajaj Premium scooter Booking

Bajaj Chetak is available for metro cities like Tier-1 cities. For 30 days the company is giving pre-booking benefits. You can book a Bajaj Chetak electric bike from their own official website

Bajaj Chetak Premium scooter pros & cons (by expert)


  • Very good range
  • Top speed is very good
  • Storage capacity is very good
  • Android best smart touch screen


  • Design is not good
  • Not available across india
  • Fast charging not available
  • Limited colour option


Bajaj Premium electric bike stylish looks and impressive performance justify its cost. Its disc brake with ABS technology gives a safe and comfortable ride. If you are looking for a long range with advanced features and a handsome looking electric bike, then Bajaj Chetak is one of them. But I want its range to be increased at this Price tag.

Please comment,  any information if you want to know about this bike.

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