Yulu launched Miracle GR and Dex GR electric scooter for commercial purpose 

Yulu is one of the best electric two wheelers manufacturing companies in the world.  Their aim is to expand e-mobility with smart, shared, sustainable and safe. Yulu is powered by AI-led technology and will be manufactured by Bajaj Auto in India.

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 Bajaj Auto has already launched its Bajaj Chetak electric scooter in the market. With this partnership, Bajaj Auto will help to localise and upgrade second generation e-scooters and other components.

 The company claims that these two new electric scooters are foolproof, fall proof and will give OTA support. Yulu said that these new electric scooters are given options to use commercially and personally. It is expecting about 1 lakh electric two wheelers launched by October 2023.

 Yulu also collaborates with Magna company for battery swapping networks in India. Both Yulu and Meghna jointly launched its new company Yulu Energy which offers a ‘Battery-as-a-service for electric two wheelers.

Miracle GR and Dex GR electric scooter
Dex GR electric scooter (source:Yulu)

For this battery shopping network, Magna invested $77 million to set up more battery swapping stations in India by 2023. This service was launched on February 2,2023. The company is planning to increase 100 stations to 500 stations by 2024.

 Bajaj Auto official said,”Yulu has a deep expertise in e-mobility and on the other side Bajaj have an expertise in manufacturing two wheelers. These two companies’ joint venture main aim is to expand e-mobility across India.

The founder and Chief executive of Yulu, Amit Gupta, said,”Our partnership aims to solidify our position as a market leader in the shared mobility space”.

Yulu electric scooter is available in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai and is planning to launch a retail model soon.

Yulu Design

Both Miracle GR and Dex GR come with unique and simple designs. There is a straight handlebar where the right hand side is charging indicator light and on the left side is the horn switch. In front there is a vertical round shaped LED bright headlight. It has a comfortable single seat and a carrying stand. Both Yulu electric scooters have 12-inch rubber tyres. It offers three colours – Blue, Grey and Black.

Yulu electric scooter specifications:Speed, Range

In terms of Specifications Yulu’s both electric scooters come with smart features. It has no led display. In front, its led sharp headlight automatically lights up when light is dim. Both Miracle GR and Dex GR offer a removable battery with a capacity of 50V 20Ah. These electric scooters offer a maximum 60 kms range on a charge. 

Miracle GR and Dex GR electric scooter
Miracle GR electric scooter (source:Yulu)

The Yulu electric scooter is fitted with a wheel based electric motor that generates a maximum 25 km/h top speed.

Miracle GR and Dex GR, two models, provide adjustable monoshock suspension on both sides and there is a drum brake on the front wheel. 

Yulu electric can carry 15 kg maximum weight.

Yulu App

Yulu was designed for commercial purposes. Through this Yulu app you can ride this new scooter. There are two barcodes in front and rear. Just scan the code on the scooter. The company charge only Rs 2/km.

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