7 best tips on how to increase electric scooter range ?

We always see electric scooter range, speed,price and more. But I don’t see how to increase electric scooter range. These 7 tips will help you increase your electric scooter speed. 

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Proper tyre pressure

Sometimes we ignore the tyre pressure. But this tyre pressure has a direct impact on any electric scooter range. A properly inflated tyre means there is minimal contact between the tyre and ground. That means there is no over-pressure on the electric motor.

So, electric scooters do not consume much energy from batteries. As a result, the electric scooter has definitely increased. That ensures you long range on a single charge. On the other hand, the less inflated tyre results in more tyre surface touching the ground leading to higher rolling resistance, which consumes more energy and gives short range

Riding Range

We all know, slower speed gives more range. So, when we ride our scooter on a high range that consumes more energy and gives short range on a single charge. On the other hand,if you ride your scooter at a lower speed that consumes less energy gives more range on a single charge.

Be easy on throttle and brake

One of the big matters is throttle and brake. Optimizing riding style should include not accelerating hard at every opportunity and not slamming the brake at every speed bump. Try riding the scooter smoothly using less brakes if you want to increase the range. Be as gentle as possible on the acceleration, and do the same with the brakes. 

Turn off unnecessary electronic

Electric scooters come with new high-tech technology. Sometimes, we do not need to use some technology frequently like Bluetooth, smart navigation and more. So, switch off all of these unnecessary features, if you don’t need to.

The Bluetooth and reflector lights can be easily turned off, while LED daytime running lights and headlamps can be easily switched off in the daytime.

Battery Upgradation

Battery upgradation is a common and general way to increase the range. If you are not satisfied with the scooter range. You can upgrade your battery and add a more powerful battery for a long range.

Besides the higher Ah gives more charge the battery can store, resulting in a long range. Also, You can add double power for long range. Although, it will increase the scooter range. 

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Maintain Battery

Maintain the battery, you should not charge over. Overcharging damages the battery for a long life. Always use a standard charger to charge the electric scooter to full charge. Fast charging helps to reduce the time but damages the battery life.

Keep the battery charger from 15% to 90%. As usual, an electric scooter’s lithium-ion battery gives 800 to 1000 charge cycles, which is about 2 to 3 years.

Another reason is battery temperature increases then more power consumed and gives short range. 

Two wheelers weight

Electric scooter weight  reduces range. A lightweight scooter consumes less energy and gives a long range. On the other hand, heavy weight electric scooters consume more power and give short range. So, always prepare a lightweight electric scooter. 

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