Chinese Hina Battery company used 1st Sodium-ion battery in electric vehicles

Chinese battery manufacturing company Hina Battery first introduced Sodium and battery in EVs for testing purposes.

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For testing this battery, the company put it on the Sehol E1OX electric passenger car. This new battery has been designed for electric two wheeler for energy storage.

 This Hina’s sodium battery may change the electric vehicles environment if it succeeds. Because Sodium is easily available in the world. The price will be reduced.

Chinese battery maker Hina unveiled three battery cell products with a partnership program of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp(JAC), which has made one of its models the first to carry Sodium-ion batteries.

The company used its 25 kWh capacity battery pack on the Sehol E1OX model. Hina Battery and Sehol -a joint company between JAC and Volkswagen Anhui are the main company jointly working on this testing.

Sodium battery uses in EVs

This new battery energy capacity is 120 wh/kg. On a single, the maximum range is up to 252 kms. This is very decent for any electric vehicle. Another advantage, it supports fast charging of 3C to 4C. The company claims that the battery pack energy density could be increased 140 wh/kg. 

After the use of this sodium-ion battery Sehol EVs price was reduced. currently, Sehol E10X is available at price of RMB 46,900 ($ 6,810) to RMB 76,400. 

The company is planning to use this new battery on mid to large EVs, showing its performance. To see, is there  any issue with commercial vehicles ?

The company said, we are continuing monitoring the Sodium-ion energy consumption, temperature and more. we will announce the launch related news at the right time. 

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Lots of companies are working to develop the Sodium-ion battery. Sodium-ion is easily available. So, the product is very reasonable. On the other hand, lithium-ion has very little availability. Only in a few countries, it is available. So, the price is so high. If this new battery is successful, then it will be a game changer. 

On July 20, 2021, CATL unveiled its 1st Sodium-ion battery, whose energy capacity is 160 wh/kg. It is the largest in the world.

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