Cake Slev e-trike launched for goods transportation and deliveries

One of the well known Ukraine designers Ivan Zhurba has designed an electric cargo tricycle for both people and commercial purposes. This electric cargo can be used for deliveries, doing your weekly shopping and picking up kids for school.

This e-vehicles is inspired by the design philosophy of electric motorbike and moped creator cake, Zhurba has come up with a cargo trike that bears the Swedish company’s branding and boasts a similar look to their Osa-Zero emissions commuters.

It is not a conventional trike electric vehicle. It comes in both white and blue colors. This cargo’s front keeps a space for the front carrier. The designer claims that the cake slev could be used as a cargo  handler, a daily commuter, or a family bike.

In the front carrier, it has been used as an eco-friendly material that ensures practical delivery vehicles even in bad weather conditions. A magnet bottom is attached with a carrier and fully encloses it. The spoked front wheels also feature protective covers that preserve the colorway of the rest of the trike and the brand’s aesthetic language. 

Cake Slev e-trike launched for goods transportation and deliveries

Cake Slev has a single white colour single person seat which offers a high riding position. It would be powered by an electric bike motor to provide pedal assist when tracking steep inclines and a large electric battery stored under the seat.

The company has not revealed any details about the cargo capacity, electric motor or maximum range. But this concept of cargo e-vehicles is not a real product. 

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The Cake Slev e-trike is a very good edition in the electric three for businesses looking for a way of reducing carbon emissions in the environment.

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