The new battery that cheaper than lithium-ion battery with four time capacity

Sydney University researcher Shen Long Zhao developed the new Sodium battery that is cheaper than lithium-ion battery.

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  • New Sodium battery is cheaper than lithium-ion battery
  • Four times storage capacity than lithium-ion battery
  • After 1000 Cycles it still retained half of its capacity.

A new type of low-cost sodium battery will solve the renewable energy storage problem giving us a better way to store the energy from solar. By the way, solar panels have just gotten 30% cheaper within the last two months because the three biggest solar panel makers in the world are competing in a crazy competition.

Renewable energy-solar energy
Renewable energy -solar system (Source:internet)

The raw costs have gone down and solar is becoming much cheaper. Solar is really good in the day but there’s still times when we still need to store that energy.we need batteries for energy storage. We need to save all those Lithium-ion batteries. 

 BYD  and Cat are actually planning to use sodium batteries in EVS. There’s two other companies in addition. They’re also working on sodium batteries for EVs. If it is successful, it may be a game changer.

The cost of lithium has skyrocketed to astronomical levels. It’s up about 600 percent this year. It shows that this has meant massively increased costs for battery materials for electric vehicle manufacturers. But now a new Revolution is coming and it will change the world. 

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Here is the challenge: 30% of global CO2 emissions are produced by coal-fired power plants. Decarbonizing the electric grid is a vital part of combating climate change and getting rid of these coal power

plants as soon as possible. All of them will die off naturally.The reason coal plants are very expensive to run in comparison to the cost of modern Renewables.

Lots of illnesses emissions from gasoline powered cars and diesel powered cars cause cancer that cause many premature deaths every year. In fact  when it comes Coal power plants they also cause enormous emissions of smog that you’re going to breathe in and choke up your lungs now. We can speed the transition to a clean electric grid by storing excess energy in massive batteries. 

Many newer renewable energy plants are being paired with big Banks of Lithium-ion batteries. But lithium is relatively expensive especially at the moment and Mining it is not always great for the environment. storage solutions that are manufactured using plentiful resources like sodium have the potential to guarantee greater energy security more broadly and allow more countries to join the shift towards decarbonization said Shen long Zhao and energy storage researcher at the

University of Sydney here in Australia.

Sodium Battery Specifications

According to the research paper, this new sodium-ion has four times the storage capacity of a Lithium-Ion battery and an incredibly long life. After 1000 Cycles it still retained half of its capacity.

Sodium-ion battery
Sodium-ion battery (source:internet)

 To improve the reactivity of the sulfur and the reactions between the sulfur and sodium. This is a significant breakthrough for renewable energy development which reduces costs.

The Sydney University research team now plans to focus on scaling up and commercializing this technology which will take a number of years. However there are many other alternatives to lithium-ion batteries that can be used for renewable energy storage and for EVS today. 

Those include long living flow batteries massive water batteries and batteries that store electricity as heat in bricks sand and other solid materials.

We scale up our use of Renewables and deploy more of these sodium batteries which have four times the energy density of lithium batteries. By the way that rule doesn’t apply to sodium batteries in general, it’s just the ones that have been manufactured and designed at the University in Sydney. Batteries like these will increase our chances of avoiding the worst effects of climate change and leave the world in a better place for our children rather than a worse one.

 This year they will add sodium batteries in electric cars. This will significantly reduce the cost of EVS especially in the long term. it’s one of the most abundant resources on the earth. It’s not hard to actually get sodium.

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