World first Tatamel ICOMA foldable electric bike launched in Japan

Japanese automaker ICOMA launched a foldable Tatamel ICOMA electric bike. At the CES show in Las Vegas, it revealed a small, lightweight foldable electric bike. You can easily carry in your boot space. If you are thinking of buying a small city commuter bike, this bike is a great example.

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This unique, small, foldable CROMA bike length is 1.3 meter, height is 1 meter and width is 0.6 meter. 

After folding, its length will be reduced by 0.7 meter, height is 0.68 meter and width is 0. 26 meters.

You can easily carry a room, hotel room, car boot space and more.

Its weight is only 50 pounds.


The Tatamel ICOMA electric bike comes with telescopic suspension in front and rear. And also disc brakes available on both sides. 

In front LED headlight, small circular LED display and USB port connectivity to charge other devices.

Tatamel ICOMA electric bike


This bike is a fully functional electric bike. It can be used as a table. It is connected with a 600 Watt powerful electric motor that generates 40 kmph top speed. This new CROMA electric bike is loaded with a 12 Ah lithium-ion battery. It goes up to 50 kms on a single charge. It can be increased after production.

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This bike will be available in Japan this year,2023. There is no such kind of multi purpose electric bike in the world. Because it comes with unique and advanced technology.

Price & Launch date

This  CROMA electric bike price is $4000 in Japan. It will launch this year,2023.

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