Matter M1 Electric Bike unveils at Auto Expo 2023-200 kms range

Ahmedabad based electric vehicles maker automotive startup company Matter Energy unveiled a new Matter M1 electric bike at the Auto Expo 2023. It is the upgraded version of the recently launched Matter bike which has a more powerful motor,  battery pack and more specifications. 

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Design (8/10)

This electric motorcycle is a sports motorcycle. Generally it is hard to differentiate between a sports electric motorcycle and petrol power motorcycle.

Its muscular body and LED headlight is sharp down. 

Right now the company is unveiling two colors -Red and white, light green.

It comes with paddle gear and a chain system which is connected with an electric motor.

Matter electric bike

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Modes (7/10)

Matter M1 electric bike comes with 3 riding modes. The company did not reveal the speed of each mode. We discussed as per previous data .

1.Eco Mode – it is a basic riding mode. It gives you 30 kmph top speed. This mode provides you safety.

2.City Mode– this mode gives you more speed for drives. So, it is called city mode;  its top speed is 70 kmph.

3.Sports Mode– This sports mode gives you an aggressive riding opportunity where you can drive at 95 km/h. On a sports bike, some customers want a speed that is good enough.

5. Reverse Mode– in reverse mode  speed 5 km/h.

Performance (8/10)

For high speed, Matter included a powerful electric motor. This motor generates 520 Nm torque. Its peak power is 10.5 kW . It generates 95 km/h top speed. And range is 120-150 kmph on a single charge. 

Matter geared electric bike

Battery (7/10)

For long range, you need a powerful battery. So, Matter provides a 5 kWh IP67 rated lithium ion battery. It is protected by a smart Battery Management System (BMS) ensuring it is truly safe. It takes 5 hours with a 5 amp standard charger. In a fast charger it takes only 2 hours to 0 to 80%. It gives removable battery options that differentiate the Older bike.

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Brakes & Suspension (7/10)

An electric bike comes with ABS strong suspension. Easily drive any uneven road.

 Although the company did not display its brake features. After reviewing this bike, we noticed it comes with disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. It has four gear options.

Display (6/10)

 It comes with a 7-inch led display that gives a classy look of this bike.Where you can monitor Navigation, call, other stats like speed, range, battery etc.

Also it will give information about weather.

Cooling system (9/10)

This is one of the best features of the Matter electric bike. No other bike is not available. This cooling system is connected with both battery and motor. In India, it is needed because in summer for hot weather this cooling system will work properly.

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 Price (7/10)

Although the company did not disclose the Matter Electric  price. But, as per report its price might be Rs 1,99,999 lakh. This price is without any subsidy.

Launch date 

Company has not revealed any launch date yet. Later soon The company may announce this bike launch date. As per expectations, this Matter geared electric bike will launch end of the this year,2023.

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