Honda Activa electric scooter launch in 2024-says CEO

Recently Honda launched its new Honda Activa H-smart variant with a new advanced hand free system like the car’s keyless features. On the occasion, Honda’s CEO Atsushi Ogata said the company’s EV roadmap in future. 

In India, Honda sold its Activa variant mostly. It was launched in 2022. Now, Honda will bring its new Activa series electric scooter in 2024. Right now Honda Activa ICE based scooters are popular in the Indian market.

Activa electric specifications

Honda Activa electric scooter

Honda new variant will be designed to see Indian market as per customers reviews. To beat the competitor, Honda may add  more battery, increase top speed and range that will be user friendly. 

Honda electric scooter has a top speed of 50 km/h, but right now there are so many electric scooters whose range is 80 to 100 kmph.

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On the other hand, Honda wants to add more batteries for long range. To see the battery fire incident, Honda changed some software updates, thermal management system and more. The new Activa comes with a long range scooter which is above 150 kms like the Ola S1 and Vida V1.

Honda’s battery swappable technology

Honda’s new electric scooter comes with a removable battery system. Their main aim is to make a battery system. Their aim is to make a battery swapping station across India. It will help the customer to change the drain out battery easily. It will take less time.

They want to make about 6000 Watt battery swapping stations across India to recover from issues like range anxiety. Ownership cost can also be reduced if Honda could provide subscription-based plans that do not include the cost of battery.

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  The company CEO said that our journey in EV was slow. But we have a strong base in India that we can easily take EVs from China.

Honda is developing a high level product in India like battery, electric motor and other components. Honda has already set up a battery pack manufacturing station in India. 

Ogata said Honda’s dominance on ICE engines will continue on electric scooters.

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