CSMIA introduced 45 electric vehicles instead of ICE vehicles at Mumbai airport

CSMIA  introduced  60 more EVs including ambulance, forward command post, security and airside operations.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA),  introduced electric vehicles instead of ICE engines at Mumbai Airport to reduce carbon emissions. This is part of the zero carbon emissions. This mission will promote sustainable transportation. CSMIA also plans to replace all combination powered vehicles with electric vehicles by 2029.

 A few months ago, CSMIA installed EVs charging stations at the airport. It is a fast charging station.

In addition to 45 electric vehicles introduced in January, CSMIA is also exploring the deployment of 60 more EVs in the next fiscal year, including ambulances, forward command post, security and airside operations and maintenance utility vehicles.

CSMIA’s spokesperson said,” All the green programs in the airport, it creates a great sense of delight to be able to contribute to the aviation industry’s journey towards attaining a sustainable future. As a responsible airport service provider, CSMIA strives to reduce its impact on the environment. Switching to electric vehicles will help to reduce carbon emissions, thereby lowering the airport’s carbon footprint. CSMIA takes pride in its vision and creates an ecosystem that is centred on a fast track. Its journey towards carbon neutrality.

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A few months ago, the airport authority installed twelve fast DC EV charging stations at P1- multi level car parking (MLCP) at Terminal, P5-MLCP at Terminal 2, and Airside of CSMIA. This initiative will help in reducing around 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions caused by  burning of fossil fuel in mobility as per the CSMIA.

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