CSC RX1E electric motorcycle launched-120 km/h top speed

The new CSC RX1E electric motorcycle was first introduced in China. It is being imported to California. It may be launched in the European market.

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China startup company CSC e-mobility new electric motorcycle comes with the RX1E name-120 km/h (75 mph). The electric bike looks like a conventional electric bike. In front it has a sharp metallic extension under the headlight. And this motorcycle has LED headlights and LED indicator too. It has been designed as per commercial vehicles. So, there is lot of boot space in the rear.


MotorLiquid cooled DC motor
Peak power24 hp(18kW)
Torque83 Nm
BatteryLithium-ion, 96-volt, 64 Ah
battery capacity6.16 kWh
Range112 miles(180 kms)
Top Speed75 miles (120 km/h)
Riding modeEco, Comfort,Sport

The new RX1E comes with a liquid cooled motor which can generate a peak horsepower of 24 hp(18 kWh). It is loaded with 96 volt 64 Ah Lithium-ion battery, the battery 6.16 kWh. On a single full charge, it gives up to 112 miles(180 kms). The CSC bike is fitted with an 8 kW electric motor whose maximum torque is 83 Nm and  gives 75 mph (120 km/h) top speed. With 110 Volt charge it takes 6 hours to completely charge the battery.

CSC RX1E electric motorcycle

CSC RX1E provides three different riding modes. The riding modes are: Eco, Comfort and Sport.

The Eco mode allows you to ride safely and comfortably. And Sport mode is aggressive mode that allows you to ride the bike at the top speed.

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Front BrakeTwo piston caliper, 265mm disc
Rear BrakeSingle piston caliper,240mm disc
Front suspension37 mm telescopic fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock,adjustable spring
storege72 litre
colorsHonolulu blue metallic, silver metallic and crimson red metallic

Brakes:- The RX1E also comes with Bosch Dual ABS brake system. The front of the bike has a 265mm two piston caliper disc brake and on the rear there is a single piston caliper 240 mm disc brake.

Suspension:- In terms of suspension, the front RX1E has 37mm adjustable rebound telescopic suspension with 4.7 inches of travel. On the rear, It has adjustable spring preload and rebound damping monoshock suspension.

Storage:- Though, the RX1E has been designed as a commercial two wheeler. You will not be surprised, it comes with resis saddlebags and a 72 litre top box. Also, it has a front storage box where we always see oil tanks. So, this bike provides plenty of storage options.

Color:-The new CSC RX1E comes with only three different colors. The three colors are: Honolulu blue metallic, silver metallic and crimson red metallic.

CSC RX1E electric motorcycle

The new CSC actually did not manufacture this bike itself. They are  the dealers who are importing and then distributing electric bikes in California. The RX1E is a Chinese bike imported to California by dealers.

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At the moment, the CSC company is offering only $ 500 for pre-booking of RX1E from their own website. It is available at $ 8,495 in the USA. A limited number of electric bikes are available in the market. However, the RX1E will be available in spring this year. 

What is CSC motorcycle?

CSC is Chinese automotive company. Make electric and ICE engine two wheelers. Recently CSC launched RX1E electric two wheelers.

what is the top speed of RX1E?

The top speed of RX1E is 75 mph(120 km/h). It has three riding modes:Eco, Comfort,Sport. Is acceleration 0 to 60 mph in just 9 seconds.

What is the RX1E range?

The RX1E range is 112 miles(180 kms) on a single charge.

what is the price of RX1E?

The RX1E price is $8,495. You can pre-book at $500 doller.

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