Aluminium battery is good options than lithium-ion battery: Indian Oil Chief

Electric vehicles in India will use indigenously developed Aluminium batteries soon, said the chairman of IOC Phinergy.

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Recently, the company, a joint venture between Indian Oil and Israeli start-up of ‘Aluminium-Air’ battery to boost the centre’s flagship Make-in-India programme.

The Aluminium-ion battery technology will be shared by Phinergy. 

In this technology,’Aluminium-Air’ battery system  ‘Air Cathode’ captures the energy released as a reaction between oxygens and aluminium.

IOC Phinergy’s Chairman, Sanjeev Gupta said that the new battery technology is being tested in various vehicles, recently tested in Tata Motors.

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‘The new battery technology is also working well in different weather situations. “We hope that in next year, we will see Aluminium-Air battery system vehicles on India’s roads,”-he added.

Lithium-ion vs aluminium battery has a significant difference. We discussed some point on it

Many Advantages

The battery system based on Aluminium does not require heavy charging infrastructure which means it is not grid dependent.

It is known for being a capable fast charging system, more so than other traditional batteries.

In India, many customers need battery swap technology. As per report, Aluminium -Air battery takes only 5 minutes to fully charge, while it takes a minimum of 1 hour to fully charge with a fast charger.

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In this Aluminium battery generates energy through the reaction between oxygen and aluminium. 

It is not affected by the high temperature. Another big advantage of the battery is that the core aluminium can be recyclable. 

Cheap Price & Availability

The Aluminium-ion battery is cheaper than any other battery. It is 30% cheaper than lithium-ion batteries.

A make lithium-ion that we import outside India. But aluminium is available in India. But aluminium is available abundance in India. And it has great potential as a source of energy as compared to lithium.

Aluminium-ion battery technology

Same as oill and gas, lithium we have limited options to very few countries.

After acquire this technology, we can made the battery in our country. We don’t need a many components, don’t need big manufacturing hub to make this battery. 

Mass Storage

In addition to mobility, the company is looking at the rollout of technology in mass electricity storege. This technology can also be utilised for backup power in hospitals and factories. And also it can be used for solar energy. Recently we used with a major telecom company in India.

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