why is the Simple One delivery delayed?-replied Co-founder

Lots of Simple One customers are worried” why is the Simple One delivery delayed?”

To give this answer, sample  energy, co -founder, Subhas Rajkumar said that after the government changed the rule because of an EV fire incident on an electric two wheeler battery. 

He said, “Simple Energy is following all the government guidelines as per rule of thermal parameters on battery and other norms. This is time taking. For this rule we are changing software on Simple One so that no other fire incident happens across India. We always look after our customers’ safety.

He also replied in one question that there were no changes on Simple One range after the new update.

I told them that for the delayed delivery there was no  loss on booking numbers. About 70,000 units of Simple One were already booked. All the delivery will start next year early in the month.  We start our delivery from our city  Bengaluru first.

After this, other customers will get their products from their own city.

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To answer this question “what is Simple One Vision-E?” he replied.

Simple One Vision-E is a giant manufacturing plant in Chennai. About 150 people are working here right now. Everyday 10,000 Simple One electric scooters are produced here. He said as per requirement its Production can be doubtful.

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