Orxa Mantis Electric bike will Launch in India Soon

Bengaluru based Electric bike manufacturing company ORXA Energies launches Orxa Mantis electric bike in India this year 2023.

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Highlights Specifications

  • The Orxa Mantis  Electric bike will launch in 2023 soon.
  • Its  top speed 140 km/h
  • Mantis Electric bike range 200 kms on single charge
Orxa Mantis electric bike price, Specifications
Orxa Mantis electric bike price, Specifications


Orxa Energy was established in 2015 in Bengaluru.

After this long journey, they are going to launch this new electric bike in India,2012. But they don’t have any battery pack for this bike. So, they started to make their own battery. After a long time they made their own bike. 

This bike is totally designed to see Mantis. And also its DRL headlight is the same as Mantis’ face.

Orxa Mantis Electric bike  : Design

Mantis bike design is inspired by Mantis. It is a very good looking and handsome sports bike. Orxa bike DRL is the same as  Mantis. This bike is a little long like a mantis. Driver seat is comfortable but the pillion is very short. 

Orxa Mantis electric bike design
Orxa Mantis electric bike design

In the front left , there is the Mantis company logo. Its six module battery is clearly visible and gives a stylish look on this bike.

It has been made of Aluminium alloy so that its weight will be light. Very less plastic has been used on it.

It is available in two colors , one is red and other is white-green.

Orxa Mantis Dimension

wheelbase1470 mm
seat height810 mm
kerb weight175 kg
Ground Clearance180 mm

Orxa Mantis electric bike: Specifications

Top Speed140 km/h
Acceleration0 to 100 kms in 10 seconds
Range200 kms
Battery9 kWh IP67 lithium ion
Charging time4 to 5 hours (15 amp charger)
1:30 to 2 hours (fast charger)
Motor28 kWh
Torque-105 Nm
Orxa Mantis electric bike specifications

Top Speed: Mantis electric bike offers a decent 140 km/h top speed. That is good enough for an electric bike. Those people don’t like high speed bikes ,  this bike is one example. It takes only 10 seconds to accelerate 0 to 100 kms.

Range:- New Mantis electric bike gives 200 kms range on a single charge battery. On the highway it can cover a 150 kms range on a single charge. I think this range is good enough for any bike.

Battery Capacity: For long range, you need a powerful battery. So, Mantis provides a 9 kWh  IP67 rated lithium ion battery. This battery had been made by this company. 

It is well protected and waterproof. This battery is divided into 6 modules that are visible outside of this bike.

It is a non removable battery.

Charge time:- it comes with a 15 amp charging socket. It takes 4 hours to fully charge this socket. 

With a fast charger, it takes 1:30 to 2 hours to fully charge. 

Motor:  Mantis has a liquid cooled Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor on its bike. This motor peak power is 28 kW that gives 18 kW continuous power. Its peak torque is 105 Nm which is belt driven  connected. For this reason, the noise will come less.

Orxa Mantis Electric Bike Features

Suspensiontelescopic in front
Preloaded adjustable monoshock suspension in rear
Brakes320 mm disc brake in front and 280 mm disc brake in rear
Display led 5 inch
ConnectivityBluetooth, own OS system
Storage boxNo
Orxa Mantis electric bike features

Suspension: Mantis electric bike comes with telescopic suspension in front and preloaded adjustable monoshock suspension.

Brakes:  After reviewing this bike, we noticed it comes with 320mm disc brake in front and 280mm disc brake in the rear which come from Baybay company.

Display: it comes with a 5 inch led display. Where you can monitor Navigation, call, other stats like speed, range, battery etc.

Also it will give information about weather.

Connectivity:- This bike is bluetooth connected. Also it has its own app that you can use with android or OS both.

Storage box : it has no storage box under the pillion. This is one the cons of it 

Mantis Electric Bike Launch date

The company did not unveil the exact date yet. In an interview the CEO Mantis said that Orxa Mantis electric bike will launch in June,2023.

Orxa Mantis Electric Bike Price

Mantis Electric bikes have not yet told its price. But, as per report Mantis price might be Rs 3 to 4 lakh. 

Mantis vs Ultraviolette F77 will be a great fight in future. Because both bikes come with the same price and almost the same features.

Mantis Electric bike:-Rival

This new Mantis electric bike will make a great impact against the Matter, Ultraviolette F77, Revolt, Ola Bike at this price tag.

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Mantis Electric bike: Pros & Cons


  • All safety features are loaded with good looks
  • bike Range,Speed is enough.
  • Body material is metal


  • Colors options is very limited
  • Not available right now. It is upcoming.
  • Non removable battery
  • Price is very high

Please tell me it will be the killer Ultraviolette F77 and what specifications you like in this bike. Comment me below.

what is the launch date of Orxa Mantis?

Orxa Mantis launch date is June 23, 2023

what is the top speed of Orxa Mantis?

Orxa Mantis top speed is 140 km/h

what is the price of Orxa Mantis?

Orxa Mantis electric bike price is expected Rs 3-4 lakh

which is the fastest electric bike in India?

Ultraviolette F77 is the fastest electric bike in India and then Orxa Mantis electric bike.

Which is the best sports electric bike in India?

Ultraviolette F77 is the best sports electric bike in India.

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