Nitin Gadkari unveils Battery Swapping Policy for Electric Two or Three Wheelers

Union and Transport minister Nitin Gadkari unveils battery swapping for EVs in India while giving an answer in Lok Sabha.

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Nitin Gadkari unveils swapping Policy for Electric Vehicles
source:internet/Hindustan Times

 According to the Gadkari battery swapping policy will terminate the challenges forced by EVs in the country by promoting multiple business models across the country and technology which would result in lower upfront cost front conventional ICE vehicles to EVs.

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 The Indian central government has a clear position about electric vehicles, battery swapping policy will increase to adopt EVs and make an ecosystem of EVs across the country.

Lots of people in India are not considering electric vehicles because of charging time. An EV takes 5 to 6 hours to fully charge. So, battery swapping is a good option to shorten the time.

For example, you buy a pen and after some days it’s refill is finished, then you put a new refill into the pen.

In the world, Taiwan based Gogoro electric scooter manufacturing company acquires the largest battery swapping infrastructure.

In India, Bounce Infinity is the first electric scooter to bring its new electric scooter and own battery swapping station.

 The Union minister has said that the new battery swapping policy will play an essential role in the growth of EV’S in the country and stated that-

” The battery swapping policy aims to create a framework for greater interoperability while safeguarding the innovation potential for the EV battery ecosystem”.

In 2022, NITI Aayog released the first draft of the battery swapping policy 2022 to improve interoperability and push for faster adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the two wheelers and three wheelers segment.

Battery swapping is a mechanism that involves exchanging discharged batteries for charged ones.

With electric vehicles becoming more prominent the various stakeholders are looking for the solution to make electric vehicles more affordable , easy to charge and economical to operate.

A swapping station is installed at a strategic location which comprises multiple batteries getting charged constantly.

This technology has opened immense opportunities for fleet owners who want to keep their vehicles running without worrying about charging time.

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