Ather Energy New Ather Electric Scooter on 7th January [2023]

Ather Energy is going to launch its new Ather electric Scooter on 7th January this year 2023. The new Ather electric scooter will come with extra range and battery to compete with Ola S1 electric scooter.

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At first Ather launched its Ather 450x electric scooter. But this electric scooter did create any impact on the Indian market. Only 3500-4500 units sold per year. But after the  launch of its Ather 450x Gen3 electric scooter, Ather electric scooter sales are going high day by day.

Around 7000 to 7500 units electric scooters are selling this year.

The 450x Gen3 electric scooter’s range is 105 kms on a single charge. It is good but if you compare it to other electric scooters like Ola, more scooters give more range in this price section.

But the new year 2023, for Ather Energy will be better because Ather is going to launch its new electric scooter Ather 450x Gen4 on 7th January. They want to make this January month better and start the new year 2023 on a good note.

Every year Ather organizes its community programme. Many customers come to this programme and they exchange their experience on this program. So, this program on 7th January will very important for Ather customers.

It is also listing Ather may launch their new electric car. 

New Ather 450x Gen4 Specifications

The new Ather electric scooter will have extra range and so they add extra battery.

Ather Energy New Ather Gen4 Scooter on 7th January [2023]
New Ather 450x Gen4 electric scooter comes with 181 kms range

As per news, New Ather range will be around 181 kms on a single charge. The Old Ather 450x Gen3 electric scooter gives 105 kms range on a single charge. Also for the extra range they will add some extra battery. The old Gen3 electric scooter comes with a 3.7 kWh battery. It is available at Rs 1.32 lakh(ex-showroom). The new Ather Gen4 price will be at Rs 1.5 lakh.

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Basically, Ather’s main aim is to compete with the Ola electric scooter.

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Ola S1 is a leading electric scooter in India in terms of sales. Ola S1 is available at Rs 1.20 lakh (ex-showroom). Its range is 181 kms and the battery is 3 kWh. At this price range that could be challenging for Ather Energy to lead in the Indian market in terms of sales.

Tell me on comment that you are excited on Ather Gen4 Scooter. What changes are you expecting?

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