[New] Gogoro Electric Scooter debuts in India at 1.5 lakh Price

Taiwan based Electric Scooter manufacturing company Gogoro debuts Gogoro electric scooter in India at 1.5 lakh price for delivery.

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Gogoro Electric Scooter price
Gogoro Electric Scooter Price, Speed, Range, Acceleration

Gogoro Electric Scooter is a Tesla in  electric two wheeler field which will debut at Rs 1.5 lakh in India.

  • Gogoro  Electric scooter Price Rs 1.5 lakh
  • Gogoro  Electric scooter top speed 60 km/h
  • Gogoro Electric scooter range 170 km
  • Gogoro Electric scooter 7.0 kW battery.

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Gogoro  Electric scooter  : Design

Gogoro is a classy and handy scooter. Its headlight is rectangular like your eye. It is Led. And both side of this headlight, two indicators 

The scooter draws a wandering color  with its own personality. Many people will buy  this scooter because of its  handsome looks, sharp roads present apart from ev benefit that it has to offer.

     Gogoro  Electric scooter comes with 7 variants  and  4 color options available in each variant like crystal white, crystal gray, mineral silver, stardust pink.

Gogoro  Electric scooter Modes

  electric scooter comes with four riding modes- Smart, Normal, Super boost, low energy.

Gogoro did not disclose her riding speed. Every riding mode consumes a different battery. So, it has a different range.

Also it has reverse mode.

Gogoro Electric Scooter Variants

Gogoro comes with 7 variants. All the scooters have not much difference in their specifications. The 7 variants are-

  1. Gogoro Supersport (new)
  2. Gogoro 2 Series
  3. Gogoro Delight (new)
  4. Gogoro VIVA XL (new)
  5. Gogoro VIVA MIX
  6. Gogoro VIVA
  7. Gogoro X1

Gogoro Electric Scooter Dimension

length×width×height1880×670×1090 mm
Wheel base1306 mm
seat height750 mm
weight(with/without battery)104/122 kg
Trunk Size25 L
Gogoro Electric Scooter Dimension

Gogoro electric scooter: Specifications

Top Speed96 km/h
Range170 kms
Battery Capacity7.0 kW
Motor26.6 Nm
Charging time3-4 hours
Suspensiondual telescopic (front)
Monoshock suspension(rear)
Brakeshydraulic disc brakes
Displaycircular led display
Colling Systemyes
Other FeaturesGps, Bluetooth connectivity, park assists
Gogoro Electric Scooter Specifications

Top Speed: Gogoro electric scooter offers you 96 km/h top speed. That is good enough for an electric scooter. Those people like high speed scooters , this scooter is one example. 

Range:- New Gogoro electric scooter gives you 170 km range on a single charge battery. I think this range is good enough for any scooter. This range varies for different variants.

Battery Capacity: For long range, you need a powerful battery. So, Gogoro provides a 7.0 kW IP67 rated lithium ion battery. It is protected by a smart Battery Management System (BMS) ensuring it is truly safe. 

It has two separate batteries. Both batteries are portable.

Motor: For high speed, Gogoro included a powerful G2.2 liquid cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor. This motor generates 26.6/196 Nm torque. Its peak power is 2500 rpm.

Suspension: Gogoro electric scooters come with dual telescopic suspension in front  and on the rear it is monoshock suspension. Easily drive any uneven road.

Brakes:  After reviewing this scooter, we noticed it comes with hydraulic disc brakes. It has brakes assist SBS(synchronizer braking system).

Gogoro Electric Scooter Display
Gogoro Electric Scooter display

Display: it comes with a circular display. Where you can monitor Navigation, call, other stats like speed, range, battery etc.

Also it will give information about weather.

Charger: it comes with a 5 amp charging socket for home charging. Still now the company did not say about fast charge. Gogoro takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge.

Cooling system: It comes with battery cooling technology that cools the battery,motor simultaneously. It is good for Indian weather.

Storage box : it has a good storage box under the pillion where you can store some useful material. Here you can see two batteries.

Gogoro Electric Scooter: Price

Gogoro Electric Scooters have not yet launched. But, as per report Gogoro price might be Rs 1.5 lakh. 

Although it has 7 variants that show different prices. 

Gogoro Electric scooter:-Rival

This new Gogoro electric scooter will make a great impact against the Ola S1, Ather 450x, Ampere Maguire, Bajaj Chetak,TVs iQube at this price tag of Rs 1.5 lakh.

Gogoro Electric Scooter Launch Date

Company has not revealed any booking date yet. Later soon they may announce this scooter booking date. 

 It is expected that it may launch in February,2023. For future updates you should go to the Gogoro official website.

Gogoro Electric Scooter Other Benefits

Gogoro Electric Scooter provides some other benefits apart from electric benefits

Cooling system:- Gogoro comes with a cooling system. It is connected to a motor that cools the motor when you drive at high speed. 

In Indian weather, it is very useful mostly in summer weather.

Gogoro Electric Scooter battery swapping station
Gogoro Electric Scooter battery swapping station

Battery swap : Gogoro company is the world’s best battery swappable  network. It has the most number of battery swappable stations. 

Just put your two drain out charge batteries and then after just 6 seconds, automatically two fully charged batteries unlock from the charging system. It is very easy.

Hill Climb Ability : The company details explain Gogoro electric scooter hill climb ability with speed, Gradeability.

  1. 30%(17°) 30 km/h
  2. 20% (11°)40 km/h
  3. 10% (6°) 60km/h

On/Off through Card:- Gogoro comes with card swapping features to on/off. Just swap the card the scooter is on .

Gogoro Electric Scooter Card
Gogoro Electric Scooter Card to start on/off

Gogoro Electric Scooter: Pros & Cons


  • All safety features are loaded with good looks
  • Top speed is 96 km/h , very good.
  • Cooling system is available
  • scooter Range,Speed is enough.


  • Its body material is not so good
  • Colors options is very limited
  • Not available right now. It is upcoming.

Gogoro Electric Scooter price

Gogoro electric scooter price is 1.5 lakh

Gogoro Electric Scooter top speed

Gogoro electric scooter top speed is 96 kmph. Its vary for different varients.

Gogoro electric scooter range

Gogoro electric scooter range is 170 km on single charge.

Is Gogoro available in India?

No, right now it is not available in India. But in future may be February,2023 it may launch.

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