13 Disadvantages about Electric Two Wheelers you may not Know

Most of the time we buy electric two wheelers but we don’t know about disadvantages about electric two wheelers. In this post we discussed 13 things about electric two wheelers you may not know.

13 things about electric two wheelers you may not know. That are

  1. Price
  2. Range
  3. Availability
  4. Battery life & warranty
  5. Spare Parts
  6. Build Quality
  7. Charging time
  8. After Sales Support
  9. Electric two wheelers insurance Cost
  10. Running Costs
  11. Brand new or Used Electric two wheelers ?
  12. Storage
  13. Energy

13 Disadvantages of Electric Two Wheelers

Disadvantages of Electric Two Wheelers
13 Disadvantages of Electric Two Wheelers you may not know


One of the disadvantages of electric scooters is their price. There are very few electric scooters available in the market in India that are affordable. 

Under 1 lakh electric scooter , you don’t get enough range, speed and also its battery and motor is good as per the current technology.


When we went to buy electric two wheelers, you must see its range. But only a few electric scooters like Ola, Ather that range near to 150 kms on a single charge. All other electric scooter ranges are more or less 100 kms.

You can’t see long range electric scooters around 200 kms or 200 kms plus. 

3. Availability 

Availability of electric two Wheelers is a big issue in India. Most of the electric scooters are available only in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and more.

So, we have to wait a long time for delivery after booking.

  • Recently I booked an electric scooter called Ola on the 1st of January . After 3 months it was delivered on March 8.

4. Battery life & Warranty

Battery is the most significant component of any electric two wheeler. It is the most valuable component of EVs. 

After 5 or 7 years , you need to change the battery on the electric scooter. 

Most of the low price electric scooters use LFP technology batteries . Its life span is very less.

After 1 or 2 years , electric scooter range is going down due to reduced battery charging capacity.

One of the major reasons for the electric scooter, its battery warranty. Most electric scooters have a 5 year battery warranty but before the warranty , its battery had been damaged.

5. Spare Parts

Electric two wheelers are not available all over India, they are available in some major cities. 

If you want to buy spare parts on an electric scooter, you don’t get it easily near you. But if you want to buy a petrol bike or scooter or two wheeler, you can easily get any spare part from the local market.

6. Build Quality

Most of the electric scooters use plastic material body type electric scooters because they are lightweight. When you ride EVs at high speed, then electric scooter parts make some noise or something that could be damaged. 

  • Recently I bought an Ola electric scooter . But after some days of traveling my scooter’s suspension has been damaged. 

7. Charging time

Charging time is a big problem for any electric vehicle. If you journey long and work all the day with bikes or scooters. Then charging time is a big headache for you. 

Most electric scooters come with conventional chargers that take 4 to 5 hours to fully charge. Although some electric scooters are not available, battery swappable options.

8. After Sales Support 

Before buying an electric scooter or bike , you should have researched the after sales services and sales support offered by the company. 

Poor sales support from the company can end up in a bitter ownership experience. So, you have to check that to the brand sales support after buying. 

Electric vehicles come with complex pieces of machinery , every machinery can not be repaired , you have to replace it. 

For replacing you have to need authorized service centers if anything goes wrong with your electric vehicles. So,you may choose the top brand because they will not cheat on sales support

  • I have an Ola electric scooter. It was five months ago. But still now Ola has not yet given software updates.

9.Electric two wheelers insurance Cost

Battery powered two wheelers come with an expensive price. so you need electric bike insurance to buy any electric scooter or bike. 

But electric bikes are affordable when compared to any conventional two wheeler insurance.

 Electric scooter or bike comes with 70 to 80 kmph top speed. It has less risk factor. So, electric bike insurance is less expensive.

10.Running Costs

Running Costs are the most important factor in buying an electric scooter. You invest more money to buy a bike or Scooter and if it’s running Costs is very high then you have to pay a heavy price.

Running Costs depend on what kinds of battery and electric motor is used and how much power  consumes. That basically shows you how good this bike is.

11. Brand new or Used Electric two wheelers ?

Electric two wheelers or fuel engine two wheelers price is much more different. Here electric two wheelers are more expensive. Also brand new electric bikes or scooters are a little expensive. 

If your budget is enough to buy any brand new electric two wheelers then you can go with used electric two wheelers. Electric vehicles market just started to grow in India in recent times . You may not find a used electric scooter or bike right now. 

But before buying any electric scooter 9r bike you need to check its condition like battery, range, build quality etc. Also check battery life, electric motor speed, warranty, sparta availability .

12. Storage

Most electric scooters don’t have storage or very low space. Short storage fills you with empty  luggage and you can not carry enough luggage with your electric scooter. Only Ola electric scooter gives you large storage space.

Without enough storage, you can’t recognise any electric scooter is good.

13. Energy crisis

 Electric vehicles have a huge disadvantage of energy when you charge a scooter or bike. It consumes energy. This energy creates a crisis in our personal usages. 

Some countries produce their energy through coal. For making more energy, we need more coal. That creates air pollution.

Tell me on comment which one you facing in electric two wheelers. 

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