CSMIA installed EV charging stations at Mumbai Airport

Electric Vehicles (EV) trend is slowly slowly gearing up in India and people are also showing their interest towards ev. On this success, EV charging stations are a big factor. Aiming to significantly contribute to the nation’s green infrastructure, Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has set up six DC fast EV charging stations at Terminal 1 and 2.

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Mumbai airport ev charging station
CSMIA set up six new DC fast EV charging station at Mumbai Airport

The main aim of CSMIA is to contribute to a nation that is carbon free. These six fast charges are available for public and private cars as well as guests visiting the Mumbai airport.

CSMIA has installed their charging stations at P1-Multi-level car parking (MLCP) at Terminal 1, P5- MLCP at Terminal 2 and  Airside.

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For private EV car owners can charge their EV at CSMIA’s MLCP, and they have to pay during charging. EV users will be given a deduction against the parking fees.

CSMIA installed brand new DC fast chargers at their charging stations. It is a CCS  Type 2 Dual Gun 60 kW and GB/T (DC 001) Dual Gun 40 kW charger at both the terminals on Landside.

The fast chargers deployed at MLCP are compatible with all the prevailing EV cars in the country. At the Airside, there are two charging stations 60 kW and 240 kW capacity EV charger.

The main purpose is to make these charging stations not only reduce carbon emission but also make the airport pollution free.

CSMIA also installed a solar power plant and vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) outside the airport for renewable energy that produces 100% green power to charge vehicles that emit “Zero CO2″.

CSMIA’s spokesperson says,” Our aim is to raise awareness among the people about the environment and society. The EV charging station is an example that shows our Proactive approach towards the environment. These efficient and green practices adopted by CSMIA not only airports in the world provide nothing but best for its passengers today for a better and sustainable tomorrow”.

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