[New] BGauss Electric Scooter debuts in India at 1.5 lakh Price

Taiwan based Electric Scooter manufacturing company BGauss debuts an electric scooter in India at 1.5 lakh price.

BGauss Electric Scooter price
BGauss Electric Scooter price, Top speed, range

BGauss Electric Scooter is a Tesla in  electric two wheeler field which will debut at Rs 1.15 lakh in India.

Highlights Specifications

  • BGauss  Electric scooter Price Rs 1.15 lakh
  • BGauss  Electric scooter top speed 60 km/h
  • BGauss Electric scooter range 115 kms
  • BGauss Electric scooter 3.2 kWh battery.

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BGauss  Electric scooter  : Design

BGauss is a classy and handy scooter. It comes with a premium bright white circular shaped headlight with integrated DRL on the rim . 

Its bright headlight , instrument cluster, stylish handlebar with a premium chrome trim finish to give you comfortable travel.

Also, its stylish metal body and comfort seat and strong speed gives an extra advantage to the driver.

BGauss  Electric scooter Modes

  BGauss comes with two riding modes- Sports mode and Eco mode.

Sports mode: sports mode is an aggressive mode where you can drive your scooter at top speed. In this mode you can drive 60 km/h top speed.

ECO mode: Eco mode is slow and safe mode. In congested areas or city areas, you can drive in eco mode. Its speed is 50 km/h.

Reverse mode : it has reverse mode. Just click a button. The bike travels back slowly.

BGauss Electric Scooter Variants

BGauss comes with 3 variants. All the scooters have not much difference in their specifications. The 3 variants are-

  1. BGauss D15
  2. BGauss B8
  3. BGauss A2

 electric scooter: Specifications

Top Speed: BGauss electric scooter offers you 60 km/h top speed. That is good enough for an electric scooter. Those people don’t like high speed scooters , at that price, this scooter is one example. 

Range:- New BGauss electric scooter gives you 115 kms range on a single charge battery. I think this range is good enough for any scooter.

Battery Capacity: For long range, you need a powerful battery. So, BGauss provides a 3.2 kWh(60V 55AH)  IP67 rated lithium ion battery with 21700 Li cells. 

It is well protected and waterproof.

It has a single battery. You can charge your battery at home and outside with a standard charger.

Motor: It has a powerful 3.1 kW peak power motor that generates 110 Nm peak torque. This powerful motor gives 10 degrees gradients.

Suspension: BGauss electric scooters come with adjustable dual telescopic suspension in rear.. Easily drive any uneven road.

Brakes:  After reviewing this scooter, we noticed it comes with CBS  braking system both rear and front wheel that ensure a safe ride at a high speed.

Display: it comes with a 4 inch led display. Where you can monitor Navigation, call, other stats like speed, range, battery etc.

Also it will give information about weather.

Charger: it comes with a 6A charging socket for home charging. Still now the company did not say about fast charge. BGauss takes 4 to 5 hours to fully charge.

Storage box : it has a good storage box under the pillion where you can store some useful material. Here you can see two batteries.

BGauss Electric Scooter: Price

BGauss Electric Scooters have not yet launched. But, as per report BGauss price might be Rs 1.5 lakh. 

Although it has 3 variants that show different prices. 

BGauss Electric scooter:-Rival

This new BGauss electric scooter will make a great impact against the Ola S1, Ather, Ampere Maguire, Bajaj Chetak,TVs iQube at this price tag.

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BGauss Electric Scooter: Pros & Cons


  • All safety features are loaded with good looks
  • scooter Range,Speed is enough.
  • Body material is metal


  • Colors options is very limited
  • Not available right now. It is upcoming.
  • Top speed is not good

BGauss electric scooter price

BGauss electric scooter price is Rs 1.5 lakh

BGauss electric scooter top speed

BGauss electric scooter top speed is 60 km/h

BGauss electric scooter range

BGauss electric scooter range is 115 kms

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