Two Wheelers Come first in Indonesia’s electric vehicle policy

Indonesia's EV policy
Indonesia ev policy for 2025

The Government of Indonesia is planning to boost electric vehicles use  domestically by about 2 million units in 2025 and plan to offer more subsidies on EV. With the support of the Indonesian government, Indonesia electric vehicles manufacturing company is aiming to manufacture 115 million electric motor cycles all across the country to reduce carbon emission.

Indonesia battery corporation is not far away, they also plan to produce 50,000 lithium ion battery packs only for two wheelers for next 2 year, president detector Toto Nigroho said in an interview on the sidelines of the Bloomberg NEF submit on Saturday. The prototype for this plan already has a safely accreditation and output is ready to begin. 

He also said –

“it is very good idea at that time where Air pollution is increasing day by day. After full fill this plan, the carbon emission will be reduce and also reduce import economy of fuels.”

IBC was else fromed in 2021 to fullfill the dream of president Joko Widodo’s end to end EV supply chain- from nickel ores to locally made electric cars.

Increasing the fuel cost day by day that bringing public on road for protest. That creates extra pressure on government. Sparked protests and weakened support for Jokowi, as the President is known.

Indonesia electric vehicles selling overview
Indonesia electric vehicles market overview

Right now, only 21,000 electric motorbikes are available in Indonesia that means many motorbikes rider uses fuel bikes. The government aims to increase domestic use of electric vehicles to 2 million units in 2025, and these are aims to offer an incentive of 7.5 million rupiah ($484) for customers to swap gas guzzling motorbikes for electric ones. 

Is it the right time to buy an electric scooter or bike in India?

Local Minerals

The next five years will be very crucial for Indonesia country. IBC will produce nickel-iron battery cells offer recycling, it will be used for manufacturing battery pack. For the huge manufacturing process, Indonesia battery corporation joined hsnd with LG Energy solution and China’s CATL, Nigroho said.

All the manufacturing will be connected with renewable energy. The manufacturing product will be export to us and European markets also.

Antam, Indonesia well known IBC’s parent companies, will make a joint venture plan to mine battery minerals that is situated in the eastern island of Halmahera. IBC is increasing how to make batteries using only local natural resources.

” We want to make sure the battery we produce here will not be dependent on imported minerals like lithium,graphite and cobalt, Nigroho said, ” we want a battery that doesn’t use those minerals.”

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