LML Electric Scooter Reviews, Price, Specs, -LML Star, Moonshot and Orion

Kanpur startup two wheeler manufacturing company Lohia Machinery Limited  or LML is going to launch a new LML electric scooter LML Electric. Three new models of three different models of scooters – LML Star, Moonshot and Orion respectively – have leaked their screens on the first day.

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LML electric scooter
LML electric scooter-Review, price,specs, images

In the future, these three new models of scooters from LML Electric are going to take on several companies including Bajaj, Hero, Ola.

LML Star

ICE scooter star manufactured in Kanpur factory from 1919 to 2017 has been launched again in a new form called LML Star.

This new battery-based scooter looks a lot like a maxi scooter.

It is only available in two colors. There is also a Sharp Headlamp, black finished dedicated LED display, and tele suspension.

But not much information has been released yet. It will compete with the future which could be priced from 1 to 1.2 lakh.

LML Moonshot

 This new LML Moonshot electric scooter battery operated has a red color that openly loves this future stick. Scooter will surprise many. It has a single well protected battery pack.

 It has vertically positioned LED headlights, slip fuel tank, USD front fork, Monoshock rear suspension and two-wheel disk brake front and rear.

According to the company’s claim, the top speed of the main shot is 70 km per hour.

LML Orion

LML Orion is not an electric scooter. This is an electric bicycle. It has includes normal bikes and performance flagship models.

It has a belt in display unit game system. After the launch, we will know the details about Men Star and Orion.

This company is going to enter the market in the second half of 2023. So LML is going to invest about Rs.500 crores.

The company has tied up with Saira Electric Auto for the new development. who bought the Harley Davidson factory in Haryana.

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