Is it the right time to buy an electric scooter or bike in 2023?

In the future, electric vehicles will acquire most of the space in the fuel, one question comes up in our mind “is it the right time to buy an electric bike or Scooter in India”.

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Lots of automotive companies and electric startup companies are starting developing and launching their electric vehicles day by day. So, electric vehicles are the future of fuel vehicles.

So, most of the time some questions come up in our mind.” Is an electric bike worth buying? with Electric bikes in the future? What is the lifespan of an electric bike or  scooter?” 

Before buying any electric scooter or bike you need to check these 16 points 

  • 1. Cost 2.Speed 3. Riding range 4. Battery life 5.Motor Power 6.Charging Station 7.Maintenance Cost
  • 8.Electric Scooter or Bike availability
  • 9.After Sales Support
  • 10.Build Quality 
  • 11.Reliability
  • 12.Warranty
  • 13.Maximum load
  • 14.Running Costs
  • 15.Brand new or Used Electric two wheelers ?
  • 16.Electric two wheelers insurance Cost
Is it the right time to buy an electric scooter or bike in India?
Best Electric Two Wheelers buying guides

Is it the right time to buy an electric scooter or bike in India?


Before buying an electric vehicle, we first see the cost. This is the right time. The cost of an electric bike is much more than a fuel bike. So, you have to be clear about your budget and look for an electric bike or scooter in that price bracket. In this current situation, you have to compare between electric two wheeler and fuel engine bike or scooter.At that time, a slow speed electric scooter can be around Rs 50,000 and a little long range scooter, its price like 1lakh to 1.5 lakh. Also, the price increases or decreases as per the city to city.

Ola S1Rs 99,999
Hero Electric OptimaRs 62,190
Bounce Infinity E1Rs 45,099
Okinawa Electric ScooterRs 87,593
Ampere electric scooterRs 77,249
Ather 450xRs 1,31,671
Top 5 electric scooter under 1 lakh

2. Speed

Speed  of cruiser point before buying any electric scooter or bike this time. Most of the time we need speed for a long journey. If you buy an underpowered electric bike or scooter that could be irritating when you ride anywhere. So, we need to consider a top speed electric two wheeler that makes your journey smooth and easy.

But at this time high speed electric two wheeler is not available much more in the market. Most of the electric scooter’s top speed is 50 to 60 kmph and other site Electric bikes can give you 72 to 80 kmph. That is not enough for a long journey because it takes a long time.

Ola S190 km/h
TVs iQube78 km/h
Hero Electric Photon45 km/h
Bajaj Chetak70 km/h
Simple One105 km/h
Ampere25 km/h
Top 5 electric scooter Speed

3.Riding Range

After speed , cost, we think about the EV range. So, our main concern while buying an electric two wheeler is the riding range. So, you have to research top riding an electric scooter or bike before buying any electric two wheelers.

 At this time, long range electric scooters or bikes not available match more. Slow speed electric will have a range of around 50 Km and the high speed electric scooter will deliver a range of around 70 to 75 km.

But some high and battery pack electric two wheeler gives you 150 km range on a single charge. Also its price will be more.

Ola S1121kms
TVs iQube75 kms
Ather 450x 70 kms
Hero electric Photon108 kms
Bajaj Chetak85 -95 kms
Top 5 electric scooter from range

4. Battery life

The battery is one of the most expensive components of any electric two wheelers. So, always you have to check battery life before buying any ev. Replacing the battery is an expensive affair. The battery life depends on what kind of battery you are using. Most of the electric vehicles are using lithium ion battery that’s is expensive and life span about on 5 years 

Also,some companies are working on iron, Aluminium ion batteries that are cost effective and have a long life.

5.Motor Power

Some people like speed, like a sporty bike that  uses motor Power. Also motor Power provides extra power to increase carrying capacity. So, you need to choose a capable powerful motor that gives power to the electric scooter and bike for your requirement. Do not buy a low powerful motor that will give power and also consume more battery power. Then you may suffer your whole life experience with this bike or scooter. 

At this time, most electric scooters or bikes use a BLDC motor that gives very good results like speed,range and, all time takes a BLDC motor and checks its torque.

6. Charging Station

This is a million dollar question right now. But this answer still is not available.when you buy any electric scooters or bikes, you need to charge it. Of course every bike or scooter provides you with a home charging socket. But if you go a long drive you need to charge then you have to go to the charging station. But this charging station is very few available in metro cities, not all of the places.

So, when you go to buy electric two wheelers you have to check if a charging station is available or if a home charging facility is available or not. Otherwise you will face a big problem with your EV.

7. Maintenance Cost

The maintenance of any electric scooter or bike is less expensive as compared to fuel engine two wheeler. Electric two wheelers have less moving parts but fuel engines have a lot more moving parts. So, you need not go to the shop for maintenance frequently.

If you buy any electric scooter or bike, you don’t need to worry about maintenance. But you may face problems if you need servicing or spare parts. Because. It is not available in every city or place right now.

8. Electric Scooter or Bike availability

Many fuel engine two wheelers manufacturing companies are shifting their manufacturing from fuel to electric like Hero, Bajaj, TVs etc. And many start up manufacturing companies Ola, Ather, Revolt already launched their EV in the Indian market. Some companies launch their EV through retailers. 

So, electric two wheelers buy a tricky test if you do not live in top cities. Also the number of electric scooters or bikes in your area is a question because of the limited type of ev two wheelers brand available.

9.  After Sales Support

Before buying an electric scooter or bike , you should have researched the after sales services and sales support offered by the company. Poor sales support from the company can end up in a bitter ownership experience. So, you have to check that to the brand sales support after buying. Electric vehicles come with complex pieces of machinery , every machinery can not be repaired , you have to replace it. For replacing you have to need authorised service centres if anything goes wrong with your electric vehicles. So,you may choose the top brand because they will not cheat on sales support.

10. Build Quality 

Sometimes we see range,speed and battery, but forget about checking build quality. These new electric scooters or bikes may surprise you with their build quality. Most of the EV brands are using material on electric vehicles like a conventional petrol or diesel bike. Before buying any electric scooter or bike, take test rides and check its build quality. Right now top brands are providing their test rides. 

11. Reliability

Right now in India, electric vehicles have not fully evolved. Because most of the brands launched their electric scooter or bike but did not set up a charging network. So, you can not see as many charging stations as conventional fuel stations. If the battery drains out during your journey then you can not find any charging station near that place. So, this time your experience will be very bad. So, before buying an electric scooter or bike, you should have checked this.

12. Warranty

Every electric vehicle company gives you a warranty on the electric motor and its battery. Most of the brand gives you 3 to 4 or something 5 years warranty on the battery and motor. When you go to buy an EV , you need to check the term and condition warranty policy. Otherwise if you have to replace the battery or motor that cost is ⅓ of the total bike or scooter cost.

13. Maximum load

Electric vehicles do not have many more components . Only the battery and motor are a little heavy on the electric scooter or bike. Lightweight electric scooters or bikes are always useful to carry heavy loads. Sometimes it depends on the power of the motor used on that bike or scooter.

 So, before buying any EV you need to check its load carrying capacity.

14. Running Costs

Running Costs are the most important factor in buying an electric scooter. You invest more money to buy a bike or Scooter and if it’s running Costs is very high then you have to pay a heavy price.

Running Costs depend on what kinds of battery and electric motor is used and how much power  consumes. That basically shows you how good this bike is.

15. Brand new or Used Electric two wheelers ?

Electric two wheelers or fuel engine two wheelers price is much more different. Here electric two wheelers are more expensive. Also brand new electric bike or scooters are a little expensive. 

If your budget is enough to buy any brand new electric two wheelers then you can go with used electric two wheelers. Electric vehicles market just started to grow in India in recent times . You may not find a used electric scooter or bike right now. 

But before buying any electric scooter 9r bike you need to check its condition like battery, range, build quality etc. Also check battery life, electric motor speed, warranty, sparta availability .

16. Electric two wheelers insurance Cost

Battery powered two wheelers come with an expensive price. so you need electric bike insurance to buy any electric scooter or bike. But electric bikes are affordable when compared to any conventional two wheeler insurance. Electric scooter or bike comes with 70 to 80 kmph top speed. Its has less risk factor. So, electric bike insurance is less expensive.

17. Charging options

Always any electric two wheeler brand provides you with a standard charging port. Standard charging is very useful for a house or office and it takes a long time, about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. 

But some electric scooters or bikes support fast charging. You have to go to the charging station for fast charging. It takes less time, about 1 to 2 hour. Before buying any electric scooter you need to check if it supports fast charging or not.


   So, before buying any bike or scooter you need to definitely check these 16 points that are satisfied on your bike or scooter in 2022. If satisfied you can buy any electric two wheeler in the city or village where you live in. Sometimes, you can choose not all 16 points that depend on your choice.

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