Lambretta to re-enter Indian Market in 2023, to launch electric scooter in 2024

The old well known company Lambretta is planning to re-enter a new avatar electric scooter in India in 2024.

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Lambretta electric scooter

Lambretta,the retro workhorse that you saw any time both on Bollywood screens and inner city roads through the 1960s, is one of  the first choice personal two wheeler brands for thousands of Indian two wheelers lovers.

Now , Lambretta is going to keep their footing with new partner Bird Group in India again with a new avatar that might be bigger and stronger come back in 2022.

The owner, Walter Scheffrahn of Lambretta Brand globally and a member of board, lnnocenti SA, told on news portal that he would invest $200 million dollars in India in the next to five years with Bird Group to capture Indian two wheelers market.

“The brand will bring a tremendous affinity among Indian customers to re-create a magic of the past. We want to make a high and top range electric scooter in India like Ferrari”-told Scheffrahn

For this top range and other expensive features , this scooter’s price might be 20% hike from the other available scooter in India.

Lambretta Brand took 51% share and the new partner Bird Group took the remaining 49% share.

Bird Group was founded in early  1971. At first ,they started travel technology,airport ground handling services across city airports. They also work on india jet terminals at IGI etc.

Lambretta is planning to launch their new avatar in 2023 not only in India but also globally. They will show their new electric scooter at the Milan Motorcycle Show in 2023.

In the year 2021,  Lambretta sold more than 100000 units globally and entering into India could potentially more than double the brand’s footprint, said Scheffrahn.

Lambretta is currently available in more than 70 plus countries , with a manufacturing footprint in Europe and SouthEast Asia. They are also planning to export their new electric scooter from India to Europe using this plant.

They will be set up at Manesar. More than 100,000 units of electric scooter are likely to be manufactured in this biggest plant. 5000 skilled workers will get the opportunity to work here. All the manufacturing work will start in 2024. 

On the right of the brand for the Indian market, Scheffrahn said, “all the issues with Innocenti had been solved. We would risk such substantial investments if there was any ambiguity”.

We all see in the 90’s actors from Bollywood to Hollywood drive this superb Lambrate scooter. This scooter is fully designed with a metallic body. Now, the new upcoming electric Lambretta scooter will make a huge impact, as per my expectation.

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Automobile Products of India (API) started assembling Lambrate scooters. The old model started selling locally in 1976.

Out of  Milan , Innocenti is going to be the biggest manufacturing hub in India.

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