Komaki unveiled New Komaki Electric Cruiser Bike and Scooter[2023]

Komaki electric scooter
Komaki electric scooter

Komaki electric cruiser and Venice Scooter are the next two launches with attractive mileage,modern technology

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       New start up company Komaki has launched two electric two wheelers, an Komaki electric cruiser motorcycle Ranger and an electric scooter Venice. Both these electric vehicles come with two different features.

 But Komaki has not yet revealed its specification. The company claims that the two new electric two wheelers offer you top technology. The company is also planning to develop new EV that offer optimum engine power and minimal fuel expenditure.

For the best features of these two wheelers that provide you with the best convenience riding. Following the launch of two new two wheelers, the manufacturer will have five high speed restriction registration models. customers can choose all the models from sixteen Models.

Komaki Electric Cruiser Motorcycle-Ranger

Komaki Ranger electric bike comes with 180 to 220 km range on a single charge. Cruiser provides you a long driving experience. It offers a 72V 50ah battery pack that is designed to be a fast charging facility.

  The Brown set up history is similar to bronze rivets. For the most part, the bike gives you a shiny black and combined with Chrome bits. As with a cruiser, the low flying framework.

Komaki electric scooter-Venice

  Komaki Venice electric scooter comes with nine attractive and bright colors options. Venice gives you a 72V 40ah. One can expect ample seating space and an extra storage box for a comfortable ride.The  company is not clear that the extra storage box , you have to pay or not for the initial purchase. The Scooter is designed for all age- groups of people.   The pre launch teaser image reveals upholstered seats. The scooter comes with chrome bits in the structural frame that runs through the Vehicle. The Vehicle’s body is made of a single tone and combined with black bits for contrast.

Komaki Ranger and Vehicle comes with almost the same Specifications like regenerative braking system , reverse switch , Bluetooth system and many more tech driven features. The two wheelers are built with focus on a comfy commute that’s a pleasure and thrill to drive on. As per company report the EVs are expected to be launched soon.

Gunjan Malhotra, Director,Komaki Electric Vehicles Division, Commented  that “Komaki is promised to provide its customer with the most comfortable and modern technology based vehicles Ranger and Venice may be game changer for the EV customers. The stunning look matches with foresight in these models that will help riders make a statement. Both two wheelers provide excellent mileage,speed, modern technology apart from EV benefits, which is everything our Indian roads need.”

In 2021, a lot of EV manufacturers in India will be happy with the sales growth of electric two wheeler. Momentum and spurt sales have grown in 2021. After  the state and Central government subsidy on electric two wheelers.

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