First Flying Bike in the Market,No Traffic Issue

We have seen various types of flying bike in science fiction and Hollywood movies but it is not too late for this to become a reality as you will know by reading this article. why it is going to become a reality. But it was the first in the world many days ago. We heard that a company called Hover Bike was working on it but later it could not become possible due to various difficulties like financial, lack of infrastructure and other reasons.

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Flying bike
First Flying Bike in the market

A famous Japanese automobile company is going to make a type of hover bike called Xturismo for the first time. Initially very few such bikes were built. Later the company will make more of it as per demand. Of course this is an expensive bike if it is an Indian die reckoning it would be around Rs 7 Crores.

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The weight of the bike is about 300 kg. For now it is capable of carrying one passenger. By 2025, it will be made into an electric version. Maybe when there is a meeting in the office or when you have to go somewhere quickly, this bike can be used as a very necessary and useful vehicle. It has a special advantage, you don’t have to get into any traffic jam, you can fly in the sky directly at home, you can definitely reach the office or any of your specific work.

You might think about the Hollywood movie called Harry Potter .But this event is going to be true in reality or in the future because a status company in Japan is going to make such a type of bike called flying bike. With this bike you can reach any place within 40 minutes. This is the first amazing bike in the world to come in the future.

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