Power EV Launches First Electric Motorcycle P-Sport with 210km Range

Andhra Pradesh based startup company is going to launch its electric motorcycle P-Sport in 2023 with a range of 150km and 210kms. Top speed of this bike is 85km/h which is very good for any Indian driving conditions.

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Power EV Launching its First Electric Motorcycle P-Sport with a Range of 210km

The CEO and founder of Power Electric Vehicles, Sameer Reddy has been working in this automobile industry for more than 15 years. He also stated that their team of engineers wanted to prove riding electric motorcycles can be way more fun to drive than the traditional IEC motorcycles.

The company is planning to make their electric vehicles simple, Street smart, and futuristic electric motorcycles. The company provides you a battery swappable facility for 1 years in its dealerships.

Company Mission in 2023

 Our mission is to accelerate India’s transition to sustainable energy. To prove that people didn’t need to compromise to drive, electric vehicles can be better , quicker, and more than traditional scooters.

Company’s Vision

Our main aim is to make the most compelling Electric motorcycles of the 21st century and lead the world’s transition to electric vehicles.

P-Sport electric motorcycle features

P.E.V’s P-Sport is powered by a 4.85 kWh powerful motor and it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 85 km/h. It can accelerate from 0 to 85km in 6 seconds.

It offers you battery swappable felicity whose capacity is 72V-3.6Ah lithium ion battery and weighs about 15 kgs. The battery takes 3 hrs to full charge.

  • Speed-top speed of this motorcycle is 85 kmph
  • Range-Range of this motorcycle is vary between 200-210 km on a single charge
  • Driving Mode- this bike comes with 3 modes. ECO( Economy piloting mode), STANDARD (perfect for everyday driving), TURBO ( more power and more speed)
  • Design- This stylish motorcycle looks futuristic and sporty.
  • This bike provides you air cooled battery technology.
  • The most interesting features of this bike it self diagnosis technology that gives alerts to the owner/rider for any problem of that motorcycle.
  • Also the user -friendly app gives information every time to your battery charge percentage, speed etc.

The company also provides you one year warranty on fast charging technology, battery swappable, and free service.

The company is also planning to set up new charging stations in various places across the country.

Power EV P-Sport E-Bike Price in India?

This P-Sport e-bike is priced in India from 1.45 Lakh to 1.75 Lakh (ex-showroom) and it may launch in Hyderabad in August 2022.

P-Sport Bike Launch and Deliveries 

The bike will launche in August 2022 in Andhra Pradesh. The deliveries will be starting from 45-60 days after the launch.

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