New BMW CE04 Electric Scooter is Coming Soon in India in 2023

The German company is going to launch its new premium electric scooter BMW CE04 globally this year; it may also launch in India.

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BMW CE04 electric scooter
New BMW CE04 electric scooter launch

The company is actively considering BMW CE04 Launching in India and China, it will not be cheap, it will be imported. So, its price will be expensive. Its price is around $11,700 and by the time it makes it to Indian shores, it could carry the price tag of INR 14 lakh. Still as a fast mover, it will break new grounds in the market.

The head of region Asia,China, Pacific & Africa at BMW, Marcus Mueller Zambre said,” Electric vehicles are clearly the future but we have to look at the timing of it. We are going to launch a new BMW CE04 in our line up and we are considering it for markets like India and China. It will be imported to begin with and it’s too early to say if and when we will decide to produce it outside of Germany”, ” we have launched it in the market and this is a good segment for brands like BMW to get into electrification.”

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In 2017 CE04 concept was first unveiled. Now the final production was shown in front of the public in July last year. The lach scale production began at the end of 2021 and right now it is going to launch in European markets this year. This is the successor evolution of the electric scooter that started in 2014.

new BMW CE04 Electric Scooter Review

BMW already launched its electric car in the market that was three back to back within 6 months. Though electric two wheelers selling is going too high in India. So, BMW is focusing to launch  their new electric scooter in India.

BMW CE04 Specifications

  • Battery:-The new BMW CE04 is powered by a powerful 8.9kWh battery pack which connected with a liquid cooled electric motor that produces a minimum 20 bhp power. 
  • Motor:-The powerful motor gives 42 hp power output and the scooter has a peak torque of 62 Nm. It accelerate from 0-50 kph in just 2.6 seconds and 0-100 kph in just 10 seconds
  • Top Speed:-The top speed of this scooter is 100 kph.
  • Range:- The lithium ion battery pack offers 130 km range as per the World Motorcycle Test Cycle(WMTC) testing report.

BMW electric scooter price

The price of BMW CE04 electric scooter is Rs 14lakh in India and $11,700 in European markets.

BMW electric scooter launch date

BMW electric scooter launches at end of 2022 in European markets and then it imports to India.

BMW electric scooter range

BMW electric scooter range is 130km in single charge.

BMW electric scooter top speed

BMW electric scooter top speed is 100 kph and takes 2.6 seconds to accelerate 0-50 kph.

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