Honda Benly e Electric Scooter in 2023-Range, Speed, Specifications

A Japanese two wheeler manufacturing giant company is planning to launch its new Honda Benly e Electric Scooter in India. For this Benly e-scooter, Honda is focusing on the B2B segment where pickup and deliveries are the primary objective.

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Honda Benly e Electric Scooter

Already Honda had revealed their plan a few months ago for their Benly Scooter launch to the Indian automotive community. This new scooter comes with a green number plate with white front, it has head-scratching. 

The green number plate shows that the scooter is a finished product but not for sale and it is available for testing. Because the red plate always says that the vehicles are test mules.

The white front in that green number plate fuels further confusion too. Honda Benly e-electric scooter is made for B2B segment to target goods carriers. But commercial EVs should get a yellow font on the green number plate and not white, signifying that it is a passenger EV.

Honda Benly e- Electric Scooter -Battery, Range, Speed

The Honda Benly electric  debuted at 46th Tokyo Motors back in 2019. This company is mainly targeted towards the pickup and deliveries segment in India. We all know it has twin battery technology, where each battery capacity is about 0.99kWh.

This e scooter gives batteries swappable options that allow you to swap out drained batteries with fully charged ones within one minute. This battery swappable option makes it easy for any pickup and delivery problem.

Benly l Series

Motor & Torque:- Benly scooter comes with 4 different names that are Benly e l, Benly e l Pro, Benly e ll, Benly e ll pro. Both l series trims get a 3.8 bph and 13 Nm motor capability.

Mileage Range:-It goes up to 87 kmph on a single charge

Top Speed:-and top speed is 30 km/h.

Carrying capacity: It has a 12 degree incline with 30 kg load.

Benly ll series

Motor & Torque:-The ll series trims get a stronger 5.7 bph and 15Nm Power motor.

Range:-Its range is 43 km on a single charge

Top speed:-and top speed is 60 kmph.

Carrying capacity:-It can carry 60kg load  and also has reverse mode too.

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More about Benly e Scooter

Honda electric scooter Benly is running on Honda’s MPP batteries. It gives you a power back up option. This vertical task is to locally manufacture swappable batteries to power two and three -wheeled vehicles in India. Honda also conducted a pilot study in 2021 at Thane, Maharashtra. This study clocked 2,00,000 km and 7,000 battery swaps.

Honda also has partnered up with HPCL and Bengaluru Metro to set up battery swappable stations. This station offers battery pack swaps for electric two and three wheeled vehicles. This battery swapping station is expected to start in 2022 very soon .

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