Which electric scooter is best: Ather 450x vs Ola electric

In 2023, if you are going to buy an electric two wheeler, different “which electric scooter is better: Ather 450x vs Ola electric “

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Ather 450x vs Ola electric
Ather 450x vs Ola electric

At any day if you go for Ather or simple One then Ola all time rethink you and disturb your mind. Ather is a more rugged, robust and well built scooter apart from EV benefits.

The Ground clearance of Ather is 18 degrees that helps you to climb the hill. On the other hand, Ola has only 12 degree Ground clearance.

Ather comes with the best suspension. You can drive uneven roads or bad roads without any issues. On the other hand, Ola provides the worst suspension.

The front suspension of Ola gives you the worst performance and soon starts to give clicking sound as it easily loses lubrication. But Ola’s single monoshock suspension is cheaper . It will help you to reduce the price and it is not good for any vehicles.

Overheating and thermal management

Ola has an overheating issue, the scooters come with 3 modes. There is no proper thermal management system in an Ola scooter. 

On the other hand, Ather provides a proper thermal management system and also overheating issues. From overheating and thermal management issues, Ather is better than Ola scooter.

Design and build

Ather offers you looks and premium quality.whereas Ola offers you a low quality es, very poor and cheap quality display with big Hazel’s, body quality is also low quality ,side stand and grab rails are of very low quality .

Ather has proper fitting and no panel gab. In Ola, we  can see lots of fitting and panel gab issues. Any problem of these scooters in future, Ather repairing cost is cheaper to Ola scooter. This is reason Ola has used a big panels and for slight crack on it a large panel section will require replacement.This 

Problem not happen in Ather. Also, the chance of Ola’s panel cracking is very high. 

Because Ola electric provides low quality plastic panels, but Ather body panel is very hard and good quality material. That’s gives a appropriate looks to Ather.


All over India, Ola offers you the worst service. Its customer service . Its customer service makes customers frustrated. For any problem, they will take your scooter for repair and there is no guarantee that they will repair it. Most of the time,they solve a few issues and don’t see other issues with you Scooter. If you buy an Ola scooter and they are delivered at night and you see any scratch in the morning.

Then you sent the bike to the service center and they kept your bike for a week and refused to repair it, ignored calls and messages and at last returned you. Scooter without solving the problem. They delivered any damaged scooter and simply refused to solve the issue. You can understand how bad their customer service is. 

On the other hand, Ather customer service is excellent , any issue of your bike . Ather acknowledge it and solve the problem immediately. So, Ola customers are frustrated like Ola centers.


Ola has more range than Ather . Ather offers you 75km range and it delivers what it shows on the dashboard.

There is no problem with what they claim. But Ola claims that Ola S1 gives 100kms and S1 pro gives 140 kms range. Also, you can never trust the range of what Ola Shows what they say. It also has a battery drop problem and many people have got stuck in the middle of the road because of it.


Ather gives you 80 km/h top speed which is more than enough for any scooter. Ola’s top speed is about 115 km/h, which could be dangerous because it doesn’t have any ABS. Again, it shows 10 kms more than the actual speed. If you buy any scooter whose speed is more than 100 km/h then you have to need ABS. Without ABS, it is very risky.

The vehicles will skid under panic braking at that high speed.

Music and navigation

Navigation and many other feathers of other Ather work problems of its features. After 6 months of delivery, Ola didn’t give a navigation system. Music and other features of Ola are a time waste. Driving time Ola makes noise that disturb to listen the music.

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