NATRAX, India best 7th agency to certify low power electric two wheeler

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NATRAX will now work under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules  (CMVR) number 126 by the Road Transport and Highways minister to issue certificates to electric two wheelers that weigh less than 60 kg.

NATRAX will now work under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) number 126 by the Road Transport and Highways minister to issue certifies to electric two wheelers that weight is less than 60 kg

What is NATRAX track ?

National Automotive Test Tracks (NATRAX) in pithampur, India’s seven facility in the country authorized to certify low power electric two wheeler less than 60 kg.

All the facility is now an authorized agency under the CMVR (Central Motor Vehicles Rules) number on 126 by the ministry of Road Transport and Highways to issue certificates to two wheelers electric vehicles which weigh less than 60 kg.

India’s Automotive research Association at Pune, Central Institute of Road Development Establishment, Ahmednagar, International Centre for Automotive Technology, Manesar, Global Automotive Research Centre, Chennai, India Institute of petroleum in Dehradun and the recently added NATRAX in Pithampur. It is the seven agencies in our country authorized for giving certificates for electric vehicles. 

NATRAX, the most trusted authority will make an electric motor testing facility in its campus to check the capacity power of the engine and certify two wheeler electric vehicles whose engine power is less than 250 watt and maximum speed of 25 km per hour.

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NATRAX, the certification authority, started a week ago. Already two wheeler manufacturers have tested their products and received the certification from NATRAX.

 NATRAX additional director and Centre head, Dr N Rarupparah Said,” we have now become an seven authorized agency under CMVR number 126 to issue certified low power electric two wheeler. This is a mandatory test report for manufacturers before their product launch in the market.The certificate shows the engine maximum speed, weight and other beneficiary system of these vehicles required for exemption CMVR in India”.

Noida based NATRAX has issued CMVR certificate for electric two vehicles manufacturing company Worley E India and Sagar Enterprises from Bengaluru.

 Karuppaiah said,” This Indore based electric vehicle manufacturer has also    enquired to test this product in our facility. By this facility, we are accepting the attraction of electric vehicles manufacturers from across the country to test their products in our facility”.

For more safety and give push to electric two wheelers rather than fuel based two wheeler. The MP government is  making a plan on EV policy to attract manufacturers, components makers and ancillary units engaged in the making of EVs.

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