5 Best Common Myths you may have about electric vehicles

Electric two wheelers are top trending in India’s EV market. So, we have to look at 5 common myths you may have about electric vehicles

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5 Best common myths about electric vehicles

Increasing air pollution, fuel price hike, this is the right time to invest your money in electric two wheelers to reduce fuel emission to increase energy security. Electric bikes give you a unique benefit. Electric bikes are low maintenance and easy to access.

Don’t need to spend money on petrol and diesel. That will reduce your money. Otherwise the government is also giving subsidies to promote electric two wheelers across India.

Also, more and more people are going to green energy because electric vehicles are growing fast in India Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities.

Apart from all benefits, electric vehicles did not grow in India as per expectation. Now, we will discuss some common misconceptions about electric vehicles that you should get rid of.

Low battery life

Many people think that the battery life of EV is quite less and charging the battery is highly costing you a bomb. This, however, is far from the truth. The battery of any electric vehicle can last for up to 12 to 15 month. But, the cost of replacing the battery is very low. On the other side, fuel combustion engine vehicles cost you much more for petrol and diesel.

High Maintenance costs

The cost of electric vehicles maintenance is less than any fuel based vehicles. The engine of electric vehicles is very simple and not more complicated. Because it has no more moving parts. So, the maintenance and replacing costs are generally lower than any other vehicles. Hardly, you have to change the battery after a 5 years interval.

Standard on the Middle of the Road

One of the most common ways of thinking about electric vehicles is that EV run off quickly. EV manufacturers know that nobody wants to get stock in the middle of the road because of a low battery problem. So, most of the electric vehicles manufacturing companies offer you around 100 miles in a single charge.

On the other hand, the charging stations in India are slowly growing all over India to solve the charging problem and make it easier for electric bike owners to charge their vehicles whenever they want . More electric vehicles on the road , the more charging stations continue to increase day by day.

Low load carrying capacity

Many people think that the load carrying capacity of electric vehicles is very low. If you are planning to buy any electric two wheelers in 2022. It is important to understand that electric vehicles are capable of high levels of load. Moreover, most of the electric vehicles available today are quite strong and durable. 

Lithium ion Battery are Risky

Most electric vehicles are packed with lithium ion batteries. Many people believe that these lithium ion batteries are risky as they can catch fire easily. This, however, is not the case . These types of batteries don’t contain acid and are not prone to fire. Moreover, they have very high energy efficiency.

The EV market for Ather bike  in India and many other countries is expanding. These bikes are highly efficient and are very easy to operate and also maintain.

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