How to choose the best mobility Scooter for you?

If you are a ev buyer then you must to know “How to choose the best mobility Scooter for you?”We all know, due to the increase and environment pollution electric vehicles companies and government are pushing more awareness for EV buyers.More and more startup companies are developing new technology on electric vehicles. Here we will … Read more

Are electric bikes the future of personal transportation?

Lots of people are thinking “are electric bikes the future of personal transportation ?” I will be surprised if electric bikes make a bigger impact in India than electric cars. We have seen in recent times a big wave of migration into cities. Today, people live in cities and by 2030 this figure will grow … Read more

5 Best Common Myths you may have about electric vehicles

Electric two wheelers are top trending in India’s EV market. So, we have to look at 5 common myths you may have about electric vehicles.  Increasing air pollution, fuel price hike, this is the right time to invest your money in electric two wheelers to reduce fuel emission to increase energy security. Electric bikes give … Read more

NATRAX, India best 7th agency to certify low power electric two wheeler

NATRAX will now work under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules  (CMVR) number 126 by the Road Transport and Highways minister to issue certificates to electric two wheelers that weigh less than 60 kg. What is NATRAX track ? National Automotive Test Tracks (NATRAX) in pithampur, India’s seven facility in the country authorized to certify low … Read more