EVs fire: How will it impact Ola , Okinawa, Hero,TVs, Bajaj

The recent news of EVs fire in India is definitely  raising questions on electric two wheeler manufacturing companies. so EV startup companies should think about it so that they can exploit this opportunity.

EVs fire
EVs fires on Ola , Okinawa Pure EV (photo: Google)

No one startup companies should  avoid this EV fires question in this recent time. The new electric two wheelers startup company Ola, Okinawa, Pure EV and Jitendra EV caught fire within the last 14th days damaging tech credibility of  new age companies. This problem might be negligible on overall demand for electric two wheelers, it provides an opportunity for their one like Hero Motocorp, TVs and Bajaj companies.

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 “This incident definitely will go in favor of legacy automakers. They have built trust of consumers over a period,” said Hemal Thakkar, director of CRISIL Ltd.  “An new automobile company needs multiple tests and validation and  big legacy companies know the entire process best. They are also familiar with this situation. so, they will never launch any unfinished products in the market that benefits consumers.”

As per expert opinion, the unfinished product launched in the market is the main reason for it. High prices of petrol along with subsidies on EV from central and state governments have created high demand for electric vehicles, which startups have sought to  exploit. In this situation, they forget safety on EV and the fires are a result of that.

This will definitely impact new age companies in the electric two wheelers field . The customer will definitely choose the safest choice for their goods like Hero Moto Corp,TVs or Bajaj”. 

Avik Chattopadhyay, Co-founder,Expereal

This problem is not happening for an app which can crash and it can solve updates. The hardware problem is the main reason for it and even if one component fails, then the entire machine stops functioning. So, the companies should realize which component fails. Also they don’t think that all are in so much hurry . So, the EV market is going to get bigger and bigger. This incident could backfire on electric two wheelers for new companies.

With this lower entry barrier, new start up companies flush with venture capital funds and aided by a ready made supplier base in China , have flooded the Indian two wheeler segment in the last five years . On paper , you can understand the strategy was simple and attractive . Big companies are non commital and dragging their feet on electrification, need to wrest initiative and add valuation of their business in this growing business over the period of time.

The fire catching incidents always ask the question on their ability of technology and manufacturing.

” Safety is always a key criteria for customers. Customers always see safety and value of money to their mobility needs. The two and three wheeler electric vehicles journey started under low regulation. The fire incidents will raise the customer’s trust”- said Ravi Bhatia to the newspaper.

Why do EVs catch fire?

Short circuit: wiring fault in the EVs can raise the temperature of cells and make fires of EVs.

Wrong charging: Using wrong or faulty charging cables can also cause a fire incident of EVs.

Cell Quality: Quality of battery cells can make massive fire even blast anytimes in the EVs.

BMS Problem: The BMS (Battery management system) main work to control temperature in the EVs . Sometimes BMS faults cause fires.

Accidental battery damage: EVs companies provide well protected batteries. But sometimes an accidental battery cell could be fired.

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