Zeeho AE8 E-scooter available at affordable Rs 2.11 Lakh Price

Zeeho AE8 Electric Scooter
Zeeho AE8 Electric Scooter speed, range, price


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CFMoto has launched its Zeeho AE8 electric scooter comes with 120km range in a single charge


CF Motors Sub-brand Zeeho has launched its best features enabling Zeeho AE8 E-scooter , in China in 2 variants. One is standard AE8 and second is higher space AE8 S+.


CF Motor unveiled its new AE8 last year that gives you a handsome look with stylish body design with a muscular front end with a large tenders that covers more than a quarter of the wheel. The scooter comes with side panels ‘winglets’ that also work as rear turn indicators, and has a large footboard that offers you a good space for any rider.


Riding Modes

Zeeho AE8 electric scooter comee with thre riding modes-Eco, Street and Sports mode

Eco Mode:- In Eco mode Zeeho AE8 electric scooter  gives 30 kmph speed. It is safety speed mode for any driver. On the mode the scooter gives 180 km range on a single charge.

Street Mode:- In street mode Zeeho AE8 electric scooter gives 60 kmph speed. On this speed it go upto 150 km range.

Sports Mode:- In Sports mode is gives 90 to 100 kmph speed. It is aggressive mode for scooter lover who loves high speed. In this mode it goes upto 100 km range.

It has no reverse mode.


There Zeeho AE8 E-scooter offers you a well coated swappable dual lithium ion battery. Zeeho claims that it can cover 120 km in a single full charge and it can even go on 190 km if ridden conservatively.  The battery takes about six hours and it also comes with a fast charging facility.


Motor & Torque 

In terms of performance, the Zeeho AE8 makes 12.5 KW Peak Power motor and 218 Nm torque , with a top speed of 100km per hour. It can speed up from 0 to 50 kmph in just 2.6 seconds.



Suspension:-On the other in hand, the standard variant AE8 S+ also features dual channel ABS.


The AE8 gets a preload-adjustable suspension at the rear, whereas the higher space variant gets damping preload adjustability at the rear.


Display:-The AE8 S+ comes with a 5-inch LCD curved screen whereas the higher- spec AE8 S+ gets a 5 -inch TFT full color LCD cluster.


Other Features:-Other features of this scooters it’s adaptable headlight , disturbance alarm, anti-theft alarm, riding assist with reminders, smartphone, integration with keyless unlocking, alerts and OTA upgrades.


Zeeho AE8 e-scooter



The AE8 electric scooter is available at 17,999 Yuan (around Rs 2.11 lakh), and the AE8 S+ variant is priced at 21,999 Yuan (around Rs 2.55 lakh) in China. 

Zeeho is planning to bring its electric scooter to India later this year or next year.





How much price of Zeeho AE8?

zeeho AE8 is 17,999 Yuan (around Rs 2.11 lakh), and the AE8 S+ variant is priced at 21,999 Yuan (around Rs 2.55 lakh) in China. 

How long Zeeho AE8 takes time to full charge?

zeeho AE8 takes 2.5 hours to 80 percent charge.

What is the top speed of Zeeho AE8?

The top speed of Zeeho AE8 is 100 kmph.

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