GT Force unveiled two wheeler electric scooter on EV Expo 2021 in India

GT Force electric scooter
GT Force high speed electric scooter comes with 60km/h top speed and 150km range in EV Expo 2021 in India

GT Force high speed e-scooter comes with 60 km/hour top speed and  150 km range 

In recent years GT force electric two wheeler company is going to expand and add new electric vehicles day by day with new technology as per the customers feedback. Lot of automotive company are launching its electric vehicles after shifting

fuel combustion engine to electric vehicles. Also the customers are looking forward to electric vehicles due to increasing fuel prices day by day in India.

    The extensive efforts to set up electric vehicles charging stations at strategic spots across the country added interest in this EV segment. Recently at EV India Expo 2021, a large number of new EV companies have showcased their electric two wheeler, GT Force is one of them.

   GT Force at India EV Expo 2021

       The well-known EV maker company Houston Innovations LLP, GT-Force, headquartered at Manesar, Haryana has showcased its recently concluded EV India Expo 2021 held at India Expo Center, Greater Noida. The company has showcased 3 electric two wheeler products scooter products of which there were two electric scooters and one is an unnamed prototype electric motorcycle. The two scooters come with two different speeds, one is low speed and other is high speed apart from newly added innovative EV technology.

GT Force electric scooter
GT Force high speed electric scooter comes with 60km/h top speed and 150km range in EV Expo 2021 in India

   The Haryana based EV maker company operates about 100+ dealerships across 80+ tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India, more specially in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka ,Haryana ,Punjab ,Uttar Pradesh ,Uttarakhand and Rajasthan. But the company is planning to expand its dealership to 150 plus in the upcoming year.


  GT Force- three new electric two wheeler  Specification

   In India Expo 2021, GT Force has unveiled three electric two wheelers in India. Among these three two wheeler, two are  electric scooter GT Drive and DT Drive Pro, and  other one is electric motorcycle prototype. All three products come with advanced specifications, high speed and handsome style as the customer likes.

   GT Drive Pro-is made for city driving that comes with low speed. Its top speed is 25km/h and it can drive 75 km on a single charge. The scooter offers you both LEAD acid and Lithium-Ion battery options.

   GT Drive comes with high speed and long-range features. Its top speed is 60 km/h and you can drive 150 kms on a single charge. It offers you a lithium ion battery.

    The company also unveiled an unnamed prototype electric motorcycle which will be launched in India by the end of 2022.

   The company GT- Force is also developing a few products in the EV segment and plans to increase their speed, range and add more specification to make its brand more reliable before the customers. The company also makes it more affordable to reach more customers and compete with new EV companies in India.

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