Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021 for next 5 years

Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021
Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021 for next 5 years

Goa is planning to launch its e-mobility policy in 2021 in the next 5 years. For this policy goa Govt. able to create 10,000 jobs directly and indirectly in this EV sector by 2025. They are planning to convert all fuel engine vehicles from diesel to hybrid with solar and electric vehicles and also set up a big fast charging station on 100 electric buses in the state. The state will also set electric vehicles  like two, three and four wheelers every 3 km distance in the city and at every 25 km distance on the highway.

 With this policy Goa government also gives capital subsidies 20% and 50% as per electricity range for setting up electric vehicles charging stations in the state. Subsidy available for a mega project will get 20% for a small project 30% and for a startup 50%.

The policy will help Goa state Government to establish as a model of International standards for EV adoption across passenger and commercial segments, supported by a charging infrastructure.

 The department of New and Renewable Energy will conduct all the administration of the policy including the constitution of a state Electric Vehicles Board, with officials from the Goa government departments of Transport and Electricity, and the Goa Energy Development Authority and Convergence Energy Service Limited(CESL) as key members.

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