OnePlus launches Electric Cycle, Scooters, Autonomous Car to capture India’s EV Market

We all know, in the future electric vehicles are going to replace our fuel engine vehicles in two, three and four sections. So, we are seeing various automobile companies developing and launching their electric vehicles in India and also worldwide. In the future we can see a lot of new companies are trying to enter and develop electric vehicles. The most recent example is smartphone brand ‘Realme’ which is going to launch electric vehicle ‘Oneplus Life’ which could be the name for their upcoming brand for automobile products in India. The OnePlus company wants to capture electric vehicles like electric cycles, electric scooters, and autonomous cars in the huge Indian EV market. Interesting, 

Both want OnePlus and Realme mobile making company are same company – BBK Electronic.  Mobile making companies Oneplus are trying to enter India’s market following the footsteps of Realme.

OnePlus warpcar
In 2019 the oneplus company announced that it’s working to develop an electric supercar as the name of ‘Warp Car’

OnePlus Warp Car

OnePlus, the mobile manufacturing company want to develop automotive car to carry out world for a long time. In 2019 the oneplus company announced that it’s working to develop an electric supercar as the name of ‘Warp Car’ on its official website. Sometimes people may be surprised to hear the news that a mobile  manufacturing company is developing an autonomous supercar. Also, they claim that this car may surprise not only the people but also the world with the specification of this supercar. The most interesting features of this autonomous supercar is that it does not have any steering wheel and instead of it you will only control these steering features by using your smartphone. We have seen ‘Tesla Car’, they have also provided steering on their autonomous car. Without steering how you can control through your smartphone and how much it is safe that could be interesting. The company said the electric car steering can be used by swipe gestures similar to the OnePlus smartphone.

OnePlus will introduce their 6T-K Technology on  its Warp Car that one could operate and control the vehicles by using only the OnePlus 6T phone. With technology, they want to connect all their devices. They have not revealed all specifications. The Oneplus claims this electric car can reach 0 to 60 kmph in just 3.0 seconds and also you drive the car  290 miles (approx 467 km) on a single charge. That is very impressive for an electric car. Most of the highlights feature of its range. Also the car can cook 270 miles (approx 435 km) in just 20 minutes charging. The Warp Car will come with a modern cabin and a driver-focused cockpit with tinted carbon fiber and Morandi Gray leather trim.

Electric two-wheeler for OnePlus in India

After the autonomous supar car the OnePlus also developed electric two wheeler in india. Lot more speculation in creating these two wheelers after listening to the specification of supercar.

In the future, We can see other  new technology  giant SONY and Apple in this electric car and two wheeler section like the OnePlus and Realme, two Chinese brands. So, EV future is going to be very interesting and questionable  for EV customers.

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