Ola Electric is Planning to Launch New Variant Electric Scooter With a Affordable Price Rs 70K to 80k

Ola Electric Scooter
Ola Electric Scooter new varient (credited: Google)

All well known electric manufacturing company Ola Electric has launched their electric scooters Ola S1 and S1 Pro. Now Ola is making a plan to launch its electric scooter with a reasonable price so that the common man can purchase an electric scooter. We all know electric scooters are much more expensive than any conventional fuel engine scooter. From the new source, the company is going to enter the passenger vehicle segment. So, they have started to hire key personnel for the development of an electric car. The big news from Bengaluru based startup company ola electric has started manufacturing an affordable electric scooter S1 Series to attract customers for more ola electric vehicles. According to a news report, Ola electric EV company is developing a new e-scooter that will be lower than Ola S1 and would be the entry level model in the company’s two wheeler lineup.  It is likely named as Ola Series S. Ola has already registered his name in the electric two wheeler section.

Ola Electric Scooter
Ola Electric Scooter new varient application (credited: Google)

New ola series is less in power and range

The new e-scooter is most likely the same features as the Ola S1 Series and features not available on this new series S electric scooter that is more cost-friendly. The price varies  for any electric scooter that it’s battery. So, the most effective way to cut its cost is to replace the current 3 kWh lithium ion battery in S1 with a lower-rated battery. Other than to add a new battery technology that could also reduce overall price. This battery could apply the same energy to this electric motor with a similar capacity. This would also result in more conservative performance as well as lower single charge range.

Ola also claims that the new electric scooter with a more modest battery is expected to offer a range of around 100 km on a single charge along with 70 to 80 kmph top speed. So, EV customers are so excited about this new ola electric scooter.

What are Ola new series Electric Scooter  features?

To reduce its price, Ola Electric is trying to cut down some features like touchscreen display, cruise control, speakers and Keyless ignition. Other specifications such as remote boot lock/unlock, proximity lock/unlock, voice assistant, Wi-Fi connectivity and geo-fencing that you could miss out on the new series. The new scooter may offer simple Steel wheels instead of 12 inch alloy in the new models.

The price of this new Ola electric scooter will also be less. The current Ola electric scooter S1 is available under 1 Lakh which goes down further with FAME-ll and state subsidies. The new  cheaper version Ola Series S1 is available in the Rs 70k to 80k range. It may take direct rival to India’s best selling Scooter Honda, Activa, TVS Jupiter-in terms of price range.

What are Ola S1, S1 Pro specifications?

Now, Ola Electric is offering two scooter S1 and S1 Pro which comes with the same electric motor. The Ola S1 comes with a 2.98 kwh battery pack while Ola S1 Pro comes with a larger 3.97 kwh battery pack unit. Pick output of these two Motors in both models are 8.5 KW (11.4 bhp) and 58 Nm. And Ola S1 and S1 Pro comes with 121km and 181km range in a single charge respectively.

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Top speed of S1 is 90 kmph whereas S1 Pro’s top speed is 115 kmph. It takes 4 hours and 48 minutes for a similar battery pack and 6.5 hours for the larger battery pack to get fully charged using a standard AC charger. It also offers a fast charging option. By this fast charging, it could go up to 75 km range for 18 minutes of charging.Other side, S1’s weight is 121 kg and S1 Pro’s weight is 125 kg.

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