NIT-K develops VidhYug 4.0 e-bikes for forest surveillance commute

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NIT-K develops VidhYug 4.0 e-bikes
NIT-K develops VidhYug 4.0 e-bikes for forest surveillance commute (credited: Google)

The National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NIT-K), Surathkal, has designed and developed A VidhYug 4.0 e-bike which ensures that commuting in the forests is eco-friendly in its true sense.

The most highlight of this e-bike which is different from other electric bike is its battery charging facility which you can charge by using solar power. And it provides removable  headlights which are very bright during night surveillance.

“This electric bike’s motor has no sound. This is a very important advantage when you drive in the forest. Without disturbed the animal in the forest and also it will help in  capturing without giving them a chance to flee”. Prithviraj U.,Head, E-Mobility projects at the centre for system design at the institute told The Hindu.

He also said this bike has been designed to see driving in the forest surveillance and walkie torquay books  .The bike also offers charging docks to charge the walkie-talkie and mobile phones. The real pennies box where you can used to store your additional accessories. Also this bike provides a space to carry Water bottle and food into anti-poaching camps or watch-towers in deep forest areas.

What are the specifications of new “VidhYug 4.0” ?

Mr. Pruthviraj, Assistant Professor,  the Department of Water Resource of NIT-K, said that mainly the bike has been designed and developed for use in the Kudremukh National Park area keeping in mind the requirement of forest officials managing the park area apart from EV benefits. 

“You can drive the bike upto 75 km on rough terrains in a single fully-charged” he said. He also told the news portal that it took about three months to fully develop and design this bike. They started the developing project for this bike during the second lockdown.

“Kudremukh wildlife division in Western Ghats is fully covered with vast shola forest,flora and fauna of prominence. The bike has been made keeping in mind to empower forest officials with e-mobility to commute around the forest region during the protection”,he said.

Mr. Pruthviraj said,”The bike ‘VidhYug 4.0’ is Powered by a powerful BLDC motor which is enough to drive the terrains in the forest region. Also it is powered by 2.0kW, 72V, 33AH lithium-ion battery.

The solar charging set up provides two 400 Watt mono crystalline solar panels and 1.5 kW UPs unit for charging the battery that saves your charging costs.

“It stays true that we have to go renewable, green and sustainable energy in future,” he said. It also offers you access to your bike in remote locations. In case any incident happens in the deep forest region it will help reach the spot on time.

“They are also trying to develop to enhance the performance of VidhYug 4.0 by replacing its BLDC motor with switched reluctance motor”, he said.

It is also planning to display the e-bike during a workshop on shola forests organised by the Kudremukh Wildlife Division in Kudremukh on November 17.

Ruthren Periyasamy, the Deputy Conservative of Forests of Kudremukh Wildlife Division at Karkata said the bike brainchild of NIT-K “We are happy with its performance”, he also said that NIT-K will hold its demonstration at Kudremukh on Tuesday

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