India launches E-Amit portal at COP26 to make awareness and give best benefits to customers for adoption of EVs

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E-Amit EVs Scheme
India launches E-Amit portal at COP26 to make awareness and give benefits to customers for adoption of EVs(credited: Google)

In the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow India launched the ‘E-Amit’ portal on electric vehicles (EVs) on wednesday. Here on this website you will get all the detailed information on electric vehicles, a government official said.

The E-Amit portal helps to give information about electric vehicles as well as their purchase, investment opportunities, Govt. Policy and subsidies etc.

NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming Preceding Government Agency) has developed and hosted this portal under a collaboration knowledge exchange programme with the UK government and also made a India-UK joint roadmap 2030 on EVs. The countries prime ministers Norendra Modi and Boris Johnson were signed on this roadmap.

The main motive of this E-Amit portal is to make more awareness on EVs and give more benefits to sensitising consumers of switching to electric mobility, NITI Aayog said.

We all know in the recent past, India has taken many initiatives to reduce carbon emission of transport and adoption of electric vehicles in the country. Govt also has taken some important steps like FAME and PLI are specially making an ecosystem for the early attraction and adoption of EVs.

NITI Aayog also introduced more features and innovative tools to make the portal more attractive and user-friendly.

The E-Amit portal has been launched by the joint adventure of UK High-Level climate Action champion Nigel Topping and NITI Aayog adviser Sudhendu Jyoti Sinha.

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