In 2021 Honda is planning to launch Electric Scooter like BENLY-e for Commercial purpose

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Honda BENLY-e electric scooter
Honda BENLY-e electric scooter(copy: Google)

India’s 2nd largest two-wheeler manufacturing  company. Honda Motorcycle & scooter India (HMSI) is going to launch their first electric scooter in India, in 2022-23. Although the company has not revealed any details about this scooter. The idea to launch this electric scooter has been confirmed by the President of HMSI Atsushi Ogata. It is known that Honda is recently testing its BENLY-e electric scooter.

We will not be surprised if Honda launches their BENLY-e scooter in India in the coming year. The company will show it at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019. Mainly BENLY-e has been made for commercial purposes. Honda is making plans to launch a two and three wheeler electric scooter for personal use by 2024.

Honda is aiming to capture Global Market

Honda is not only aiming its domestic market but also to capture the made-in-India electric scooter market in the future. They want to expand their market from made in  India to the international market. Honda is recently starting its discussion with various component suppliers. Ogata said ” Due to its global demand , the launch has been shifted to next financial year. If an electric scooter was to be sold only in the domestic market,it could have launched this year itself”. 

Honda has an advantage on expertise and know how to develop an electric two wheeler. The Honda company is likely to use its Honda Mobile Power Pack(MPP) for electric two wheeler. MPP is environmentally friendly and it is used to produce electricity through renewable energy sources such as solar power. This MPP can also be used for other electronic products such as e-rickshaws . The demand for electric vehicles has consistently increased in India.

Honda Electric two wheeler dealership

Honda is going to expand their product across India. So, the company is likely to start discussion with its dealership of electric two wheelers. Since electric two wheelers need less service and maintenance . So, it could be profitable for any dealers. To avoid such issues and protect its dealer, Honda is working on various solutions. One possibility is to equip dealer facilities with battery charging stations. This will create a new revenue source for dealers and it will be beneficial for users as well.

Besides these all expectations, we can hope that HMSl will launch its two wheeler electric scooter with a reasonable price point. If it has ample range and features, Honda electric scooter could emerge as another best seller. The biggest success story so far in the electric two wheeler section is that of Ola Electric. The company had already registered booking Rs 1,100 crore in just 2-days sale period. So,  it will rival Bajaj Chetak,TVs iQube, Ather 450x and many more

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