Nawa Racer,The World’s first Hybrid Battery Power Motorcycle Comes with 300KM Range

NAWA Racer
The World’s first Hybrid Battery Power Motorcycle, NAWA Racer Comes with 300KM Range


Most of the automotive companies are going to shift their development from conventional diesel and petrol vehicles to electric vehicles. In recent days, NAWA Racer has announced its first ever hybrid electric battery-powered electric motorcycle. It has a radical concept for powertrain technology that has been used to make ultracapacitors. The NAWA Racer has been shown its new technology as a zero carbon emission motorbike concept that will show you how NAWA’s next generation nano based ultracapacitors,NAWACAP,can be used in real world electric vehicles.


Nawa Racer specification,range

The Racer developer developers have added the nano based ultracapacitors with conventionally used Lithium-ion cells to create a hybrid battery system that is able to give sufficient power to motorbike. And the most highlighting feature of this bike is it is able to generate energy in start-stop riding conditions.

The technology uses both energy sources and its innovation has opened up new possibilities for all upcoming electric vehicles. This technology not only helps the vehicles to increase its efficiency by reducing the battery size and also charging time but can also potentially double its range and increase the entire system life.


NAWA Racer has been developed in such a way that it can deliver up to 300 km in an urban environment in a single charge. The bike gives you a simple looking retro design with lightweight composite panels with a rear arm and an-in-wheel motor. The bike is planning to add more customization options according to the needs and demands of the customers in future.

 The battery system of this electric bike supports fast charging and the company claims that the full battery pack can be charged in just hours. The Racer sports bike comes with a hubless rim motor that can deliver an output close to 100PS and its top speed of 160 km/h. Speaking about the concept bike NAWA Technology founder and CEO Pascal Boulanger said that the bike signifies their vision for electric motorbikes of the future.

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Nawa Race range

Nawa Racer’s range is about 300kms

Nawa Racer speed

The speed is 160kmph

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