Darwin Group launches best D-5,D-7,D-14 electric scooters with Rs 77,000/-

Darwin Group
has launched its first three new Darwin electric scooters in the Indian EV two wheeler market . The three electric scooter has  a starting price of Rs 68000/- and goes up to Rs 77000/- (ex-showroom price, India). Three electric scooters Darwin D-5 and Darwin D-7 and Darwin D-14 were introduced in India by World famous Boxer Mary Kom at an event in New Delhi earlier this week. The company set up its manufacturing plant in Delhi NCR, adopts eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices, providing an integrated ecosystem for manufacturing and testing vehicles assembly and vehicle  end of line testing.

Darwin Group
Darwin Group launches D-5,D-7,D-14 electric scooters with Rs 77,000/-


Darwin Group launches D-5,D-7,D-14 electric scooter price in India

Darwin D-5  Rs 68,000/-

Darwin D-7  Rs 73,000/-

Darwin D-14 Rs 77,000/-

Raja Roy Choudhury, CEO, Darwin Group said,” The electric two wheeler manufacturing company Darwin is in a developing phase and they are also trying to shift all two wheeler towards fuel to electric mobility in India, the transition has started to pick up pace. Darwin EVAT mainly aims to contribute more to this electric revolution and wants to capture the EV market in India. The Electric Vehicle segment was born with the idea ” Glass Leading Product” that also promotes “Green Revolution an Eco-friendly initiative” all over the world.


The new generation Darwin electric scooter comes with a classy  handsome design, mileage efficiency, digital key, regenerative braking speed control gear, swappable battery, large LED display,high quality suspension, USB mobile charging point and also hazard switch button among other features. The scooters give you the longest working life and highest mileage efficiency with these price options,says Darwin Group. These three Darwin electric two wheelers can go up to 70-120km in a single charge.

The company is planning to invest about Rs 450cr in the developing and searching work to make the scooter as Japanese standard with a comprehensive approach. The Group has also acquired an international quality certification with Quality Austria Central Asia.

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