Company Gift Electric Scooters to its Employees On Diwali

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Company Gift Electric Scooters to its Employees On Diwali
Company gifts 35 electric scooters to its employees on Diwali season (credited: ANI)

We have seen a lot of companies bring their offer during the diwali season to attract the customer for their product. And also we have seen a tradition of giving gifts on Diwali from various companies and other purposes. Many companies wait for this occasion to give their gifts to customers because this season is special for people all over India. 

Company Gift Electric Scooters to its Employees On Diwali
Company gifts 35 electric scooters to its employees on Diwali season (credited:ANI)

Similarly, a Surat based  company gives a very special gift to its employees during this special Diwali season. Also in the next season, the rising oil prices and other factors, the company has decided to give electric scooters to its employees this Diwali season. The electric scooter making company has gifted 35 electric scooters to its employees. These gifts have been offered not only as a Diwali gift but also to attract EV customers and increase EV awareness among the people of India. According to the source, the company Alliance Group had offered this special gift . Subhash Dawar, director of Alliance Group , said that this not only to come on the media headlines but also affects the financial position of this company. It will save oil costs and also allow our company to contribute to environmental protection and a green appearance. “Due to increasing fuel prices day by day and  other factors we have decided to give a special gift of 35 electric vehicles to our employees”, said Subhash Dawar, the director of the Alliance Group company.

Again he also said that he always believes in the harmony of the environment and likes to live in the company of nature. He also highlighted that it is his passion to take every possible step to protect the environment. This decision of the company will have given double benefit.

Subhash’s son Chirag Dawar, who oversees the business, said the company has offered a special gift electric scooters to 35 employees as Diwali gifts.He also mentioned the increasing petrol and diesel prices day by day and other things, the company decided to gift electric scooters of its employees.

These electric scooters were distributed to its employees in a program organised on the occasion of Diwali on Thursday. The employees are very happy with this decision of the company to get these scooters. Employees says that this has inspired them to work even harder.

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