BattRE Electric scooter lunches with affordable 60k price In India


     The BattRE company has launched their first  few eco-friendly e-scooter units in India. It has a very classy look, and is medium weight.  


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In 2021 BattRE electric scooter launched with the price range between Rs 60,000/- to Rs 80,000/-BattRE electric scooter

BattRE Electric scooter design


BattRE  is a classy and smart scooter with its cute-style headlamp, double piston hydraulic shock absorber disc brake.

The most attractive picture is its gorgeous  looks. Most of the people will like this classy e-scooter with  LED DRL  headline system, two led term indicator and tail lamp led too. The scooter draws a wandering colour  with its own personality. Many people will buy  this scooter because of it’s  handsome looks, sharp roads present apart from EV benefit that it has to offer.

     BattRE Electric scooter comes with four variants  and  the eight colours option.


BattRE electric scooter
In-2021 BattRE Electric scooter Review Design Range Specifications Price Colours

BattRE Electric scooter dimensions



Steel frame electric scooter

Wheel Base

1800 mm

Overall Width

— mm

Overall Length


Seat Height

  900 mm

Ground Clearance


BattRE Electric scooter battery



lithium ion phosphate battery


… kWh

AC Charging

10Amp Socket under the seat


40 km per charge

Battery Life*

2000 recharge cycles (6 years)

Charging Time

2.5 hours

Battery Warranty

… years

1*-At usual travel speed of city traffic. If travelled at top speed for most of the time , it will increase the energy consumption.

2*- Rechargeable  based on the charging time and charger used, i.e fast charger will reduce the battery life. 

BattRE Electric scooter specification

Top Speed

25 Kmph




… kg


Dual piston Hydraulic Brakes System (CBS)

Front -Disc (220mm)

Rear -Disc (220mm)


Front- USB

Rear- Gas charged monoshock

Mobile connectivity




Carrying capacity


Head Lamp

LED Light

Brake/Tail Light

LED Tail Lamp

Turn Signal

LED Blinkers

Pass Signal





Wheel type

Wheel Base

MRP Tubeless Tyre

Front-10 inch

Rear-10 inch

Tyre Pressure -…


Front-…. inch

Rear- ….inch


Yellow,Red, Black, white, Grey,Blue, Orange,Silver

GPS & Navigation


Artificial Sound


Parking Assist


Hill Assist


Anti Theft System


Start/Stop Button


USB Charging


Front Storage Box


Under Seat Storage




Low Battery Indicator



More about BattRE scooter

    The BattRE will be priced between Rs  60,000/- and Rs 80,000/- on road. 

Read more about BattRE official website.

      The BattRE electric scooter comes with a single variant . It is powered by a 48V 250W BLDC electric motor that generates 25 kmph top speed. It is made of cast aluminium swingarm, a premium USD fork and Gas charged monoshock suspension. It provides disc brakes at both the end and 10 inch wheel in front and rear with dual channel ABS.

      The scooter comes with a digital display which shows multiple functions like your scooter speed, battery charging indicator, Gps  navigation etc.

BattRE Electric scooter motor




Max Torque (nm @ rpm)


Max Power (hp @ rpm)


Motor Warranty

3 years

BattRE Electric scooter price


  BattRE Electric scooter comes with four variants and BattRE LOT is the most expensive model . It is available at Price between Rs-60,000/-  to Rs 80,000/-  and the price will be reduced after State  governments subsidy. Then the price may be lucrative for Customers.


In-2021 BattRE Electric scooter Review Design Range Specifications Price ColoursBattRE electric scooter varient






(detachable LFP battery, range 60kms, quick charge 2h 30min)



(Navigation Assist on speedometer, Bluetooth connectivity,higher regenerative braking)



(detachable LFP battery, range 80km, quick charging 3hr)



(Gps tracking, Geo-fencing, App based interfac

BattRE Electric scooter benefits

Safety : Front disc brake and rear dump brake that gives you the fastest and shortest braking distance. If you drive more traffic, hill areas where you will get a hundred percent safety.

Stability: Low centre of gravity for better balance

Director Drive: No clutch,no chain and fun to drive

Zero Emission: No carbon footprints, just tyre prints

Charger Anywhere: Every power outlet is a charging station

Parking Assist: you can park your scooter in narrow spaces easily. 

BattRE pros & cons



  • Excellent  design

  • smart digital screen

  • Don’t need license because it top speed is 25 kmph


  • Price tag is high as per performance

  • Not available across india( only available in 5 cities)

  • Range and top speed is very less


The BattRE will be available between Rs 60,000/- and Rs 80,000/- on road. It is available only in 5 cities. We have to notice the state subsidy which will reduce the scooter price that can be a lucrative price for customers. At this price, the performance of BattRE electric scooter is less like speed, top speed etc. If you add some money you can buy more features and performance scooters like Ola S1, Ather450x, Hero etc. so, I will suggest you wait or buy these electric scooters mentioned above.

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BattRE Electric scooter price

the price is 60k to 80k

Battre electric scooter speed

the scooter speed is 25kmph

BattRe electric scooter range

BattRe electric scooter range is 40kmph

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